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The New BMW M2 Coupe Black Shadow Edition

The BMW M series is known for throwing a few unexpected pitches at you. Just when you think they’re going to announce one edition, they come out with something you never could have predicted. That’s the case with the newest BMW M2 for sale, the Black Shadow edition.

Saving the Day

This collector’s take on the M2 Coupe is like a superhero’s ride straight out of the movies. It’s entirely jet black – Black Sapphire Metallic. The mirror caps are carbon fiber, the exhaust pipes black chrome. Even the specially made 19-inch wheels come in one color: black. There’s a new carbon fiber diffuser as well. You’d expect this entry in the BMW M series to come wearing a cape, but that might prove a bit of a legal problem. Everything else about it is ready for flying down the road and saving the day.

Power is produced by the turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six at a substantial 365 hp. The six-speed manual makes a beautiful return for those who really want to throw the M2 Black Shadow Edition into gear by hand. It gives you a rare feeling of command as you accelerate off a tight turn. For those who prefer the proven seven-speed dual-clutch and its automatically smooth transitions, this is an option as well.

Jaw-Dropping Effect

This could be the culmination of the N55 engine era for the M2 coupe. Rarely has a performance car realized its peak in such a stylish, satisfying way. It’s just come available, and the effect of the M2 Black Shadow Edition roaring down the highway is unparalleled. It’s the kind of rare, jaw-dropping car that insists people turn their heads and admire, as much a piece of art as an engineering accomplishment.

Sometimes you just want to feel like a superhero as you run from one place to another throughout your day. That’s exactly what the M2 Black Shadow Edition offers.

We invite you to take a look at our current BMW M series lease and finance specials, and to come check out the BMW M2 for sale at Braman BMW West Palm Beach today!

BMW Dealership - BMW or Porsche | Braman West Palm Beach

BMW vs. Porsche: What Manufacturer Is Right for You?

Should you go to a BMW dealership or a Porsche dealership for your new car? Tough choice! The two makers have different philosophies and histories when it comes to approaching high-end cars. Let’s run down what makes these two automakers so different:

BMW Advantages

Handling: BMW focuses squarely on the driving experience. They have superb handling and are built to take turns aggressively and responsively.

Integrated Tech: Integrated technology – in the car and underneath the hood – helps you do everything from maintaining tight control in bad weather to finding a good restaurant.

Learning Curve: BMWs may feel more comfortable or “easier” to handle than some equivalent Porsches, especially initially. Test drive one for yourself at a BMW dealership.

Environmental Responsibility: The maker is pushing hard for electronic versions of most of its series, as well as standalone electric and hybrid models. BMW has already been named the most sustainable automotive company.

Family Vehicles: BMW has vastly more experience than Porsche in creating family-oriented driving machines. You’ll definitely feel a more family-oriented vibe at a BMW dealership.

Futuristic Look: While BMW keeps many signature style signifiers, its aesthetic is forward-thinking, sleek and bold.

Porsche Advantages

Performance: Porsches are built with performance in mind. While an equivalent model BMW can equal or surpass a Porsche in performance, Porsches are built to be performance-first, rather than driver-first.

Sense of Accomplishment: Porsches just might be a little harder to wrangle. Porsches can have a steeper learning curve, which doesn’t sound like an advantage – but when you really start to feel in tune with your Porsche, it can lead to a fantastic sense of control and nuance.

Durability: A recent study revealed that out of all Porsches made in the last 25 years, 97.4% are still on the road. Outstanding. Because Porsches are built for performance, they’re reasonably easy to maintain.

Classic Look: Porsche maintains a very classic look in many models. This is eye turning in its own way. Its modern looks are heavily influenced by the brand’s storied history. They’re assertive, bright and sharp.

BMW Dealership or Porsche Dealership – or Both?

With these gorgeous cars, the choice comes down to your driving preference. BMW is often more accessible and handles many of the little driving tasks for you. This allows you to focus on the feel of the road and develop a quick rhythm. You develop a natural flow for driving the second you leave your driveway.

Driving a Porsche often requires more active participation. You’re thinking about your moves rather than feeling them. You and the car push each other to peak performance. The driving experience is less relaxed, and more edge of your seat.

A good way to see what your taste is would be to take advantage of BMW leasing specials at a BMW dealership or to take advantage of those offered by a Porsche dealership. Luckily, Braman has both kinds of dealerships here in West Palm Beach! Visit them today and take a few of these beauties out for a spin!

BMW Electric Models | Braman BMW West Palm Beach

BMW to Have 25 Electric Models by 2025

BMW electric models are turning the corner. Soon most model lines will have an electric version available, with the same power and performance you’re used to from BMW’s combustion engine models. This year’s BMW electric models include the iX3 and iNext. And we’re loving Bimmer’s direction.

BMW Electric Models Offer Bold Design

These are beautiful cars that both adhere to the BMW design and update it for the future. They look sleek, curved and tightly aerodynamic while still retaining key brand features (the powerful, slit headlights – an element that mirrors the kidney grilles).

The eDrive powertrain that will feature on the i4 and iNext is the fifth generation, technologically advanced and evolved with more capability than ever before. Expect a range of 340 to 435 miles, depending on the model. That’s easily comparable to combustion engine BMWs.

The new iVision Dynamics shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year will get its launch as the i4, but it will hardly be alone. Plans are in place to launch bold new BMW electric models that cut their own path, as well as electric versions for many existing and upcoming series. Hybrid models will also be available in many series for those testing the water before making the full leap.

A Future-Driven Direction

BMW’s been pioneering many of these approaches in Europe, where they’ve reliably cut emissions on their new fleets year after year. This is both environmentally sound and kind to the wallet – plugging in and charging at home saves substantially on gas costs.

Electric BMWs for sale are already available. They’re sexy, powerful and every inch the controlled beast that a traditional BMW is. Yet, there are also BMW electric models that go even further in the future-driven direction (and that look the part).

Take your pick of BMW electric models – classic in appearance and powerful in performance, or something unique and especially different (like the i8 that makes onlookers stop in their tracks). Tough choices, but we’ll help you make the right one!

New 2019 BMW X4

The New 2019 BMW X4

The new 2019 BMW X4 boasts a sportier design and wider tracks than its predecessor. It’s debuting in two models: the new 2019 BMW X4 M40i and the new 2019 BMW X4 xDrive30i. The handling is superior – in addition to those wide grips, the design focuses on improved aerodynamic lines and lowering the center of gravity closer to the ground. Find a BMW X4 dealership; you’ll be glad you did.

Benefits of the Sports Activity Coupe

The X4 Sports Activity Coupe performs with the handling and tight reaction of a sports car. The most recent generation of suspension gives you incredible range of control. In addition to excellent sports handling, this allows tight handling even when driving over rougher, uneven roads.

Expect the new 2019 BMW X4 M40i to feature a 355 horsepower engine capable of generating 365 lb-ft of torque. This delivers a 0 to 60 mph speed of 4.6 seconds.

The grip and low center of gravity make the updated X4 ideal for facing rainstorms and wind. As a Sports Activity Coupe, it’s a great choice for traveling and camping in spacious style, and it gives you the ability to face unexpected weather and road changes without breaking a sweat.

Empowering Drivers

BMW has pioneered some of the most effective head-up display. Here, the projection area is increased by 75 percent. This combines a priority on safety with a focus on communicating information. The head-up display empowers the driver with more vehicle information and command of surrounding road situations.

This is complemented by driver assistance and semi-automated driving that warns the driver about lane departure, pedestrians, frontal collisions, blind spots, speed limits and more. The driver can focus on the driving experience, increasing both safety and enjoyment.

There’s even an On-Street Parking Information service that can help you find available city street parking. Goodbye, stress!

Seek out a BMW X4 dealership to test drive this beauty for yourself. Play with all the features to see just how capable the new 2019 BMW X4 is.

New BMW X7

What to Expect from the All New BMW X7 SUV

You’re in the market for an SUV. In fact, you’re looking specifically for a new BMW SUV for sale. There are plenty of sporty crossovers that are fun to drive and load up for a week’s vacation. But maybe you want something more traditional in an SUV – without giving up the ultimate in handling, style or technology. BMW heard you, and that’s why BMW is introducing the new BMW X7.

Power and Handling

The X7 is a larger, three-row SUV. It’s still a crossover because, well, if you can make it sportier why wouldn’t you? But the new BMW X7 offers more room for passengers to stretch out. It won’t be based on the X5 – it’s a new model designed from the ground up.

Engine details haven’t been revealed, but there should be six- and eight-cylinder turbocharged options. There’s a major push on right now to come out with assertive M versions of many new models that can handle the road more aggressively, so we’d put money on an M Sport version.

Taking Chances

BMW crossovers have thus far leaned a little further toward the car side than the SUV side. Having a full-fledged SUV approach is now possible without losing the sportiness. That frees the engineers up to get wilder with their ideas.

You should expect an iPerformance plug-in hybrid model for the environmentally-minded. The concept version featured a transparent roof that looks beautiful. The dash concept is one of BMW’s best – boasting a wide variety of tools while keeping the interface simple and elegant.

The Look

Expect the new BMW X7 to compete directly with the Range Rover and Mercedes GLS-class. What’s impressive from the outside is that the largest crossover in BMW history still looks like a Bimmer, with beautiful lines, large grilles and streamlined lights. It’s tall and wide, meaning there’ll be plenty of room even in the back row. It’ll make a great ride for local driving and for road trips. Whether you wait for the new BMW X7 or you look at a current crossover BMW SUV for sale, you’ll be happy to see larger, even more capable builds.

BMW M Series For Sale

More M Cars on the Way for BMW

The BMW M Series has seen incredible success. BMW M Series cars are the best handling and most varied series of performance sports cars. It’s a treat getting to choose which M model fits you and your driving style best. It’s also a treat to enjoy an exceptionally aggressive take on your favorite model.

BMW M Series Improvements

Those treats are about to become a banquet, with plans under way for 26 new M and M Performance models on the way in the next two years.

There are technological advances that mean the BMW M Series will handle even better, such as a wider array of carbon fiber parts that bring the weight down. The next M3 will debut in 2019 and looks to take full advantage of this weight reduction. Couple that with a 10 percent increase to 465 horsepower, and you’ll have an M3 that will handle the road even more assertively that it already does. One thing that will be kept is the traditional BMW rear-wheel drive.

The M5, on the other hand, will offer all-wheel drive with many of the same advancements.

The Full List

In addition to the M3 and M5 Series, there will also be M models for the X3 and X4. The upcoming Z4 and 8 Series will also see M variations. M Performance will cover the X2, X7, and 3 Series.

Those are confirmed. What’s still on the drawing board are M Performance versions for the 4 Series GT, Coupe, and Cabriolet. A version for the 1 Series is further out. Simply with what’s been confirmed, we know there will be 26 M and M Performance models, but that number could still expand even further.

To get an idea of what the BMW M Series brings to the table, take it for a test drive at your West Palm Beach BMW dealership. We wouldn’t be seeing this level of production if the BMW M Series cars weren’t successful at what they do. There’s a reason the series is so popular. When you find a new BMW M Series for sale in Palm Beach County, jump on the opportunity!

What to Expect from the 2019 BMW Z4

BMW is continually driving into the future. Exhibit A: the 2019 BMW Z4. This ultra-sleek beauty will get your heart racing. What do we know so far?

What Will the New Z4 be Like?

Previewed at last year’s Monterey Car Week in California, the 2019 BMW Z4 looks like a gorgeous mid-size beast of a sports car. Its futuristic design highlights a sleek, insistent profile. Its nose features a long, gentle slope that seems to announce the driver sitting back under the soft-top roof.

Without the hard top, the Z4 should grip the road even better. Reduced weight means more zip out of the turns, which is one of the primary reasons you look for a BMW.

Under the Hood

We expect the 2.0-liter model to run at 248 hp while the 3.0-liter engine boasts 350 hp. Will there by a hybrid option? It may be too early to tell, but our guess is not this time. With a sports car this size, the gas option should offer a nimble car with plenty of acceleration and agile handling.

Current plans indicate there won’t be an M option. This makes sense. The Z4 succeeds as a showy, agile fox of a car more than the larger, throatier greyhounds in the BMW stable. It’s a smart eye-turner that gives you a lot of flexibility in traffic. One of the advantages to this is its great handling in rainy weather.

As you look for a new BMW for sale, you’ll have to wait just a little while for the 2019 BMW Z4. It’ll come later this year with a price point situated just above the currently available Z4 to account for improvements in this model.

2019 BMW i8 Roadster | Braman BMW WPB

The 2019 BMW i8 Roadster

Word’s leaked out about the new BMW i8, a fully electric roadster boasting a host of features. This combines a locally emissions-free ride with the high performance expected of the i8 – all in a roadster’s sleek body. The eDrive technology on which the i8 has only improved over the years. The hybrid drive system won International Engine of the Year for three years running. What does 2018 have in store for Bimmer fans?


Power & Acceleration

BMW i8 features include a 369 hp engine with an added edge of power over prior years. This delivers an acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.2 seconds. Yet despite the power, the engine’s all-electric operation makes it extraordinarily quiet. This can range up to an estimated 18 miles in e-mode. BMW is keeping local driving green.


In hybrid mode, the 2019 BMW i8 Roadster uses the combustion engine to power the rear wheels and the electric motor for the front wheels, offering a powerful all-wheel-drive system. Light and durable construction combines with both engines to offer a good kick in acceleration, especially coming out of a corner.


Getting the Details Right

The roadster’s roof can open or close in under 16 seconds. When it opens, the rear window shifts to redirect airflow. This allows you to reduce air turbulence as you drive. It’s one of our favorite BMW i8 features. It’s a testament to getting the small details right that can change the entire driving experience. If you want to feel more wind in your hair, you can always adjust this.

The start of production for the 2019 BMW i8 Roadster is scheduled for March 2018. The retail launch will follow shortly afterward, in Spring. We expect demand for the new BMW i8 to be high, so let us know early that you want to get your hands on one and get a feel for it on the road.

The BMW Feeding America Event

BMW Feeding America

Braman BMW Feeding America Event Success

As a premier BMW dealership in South Florida, we get to match customers with the luxury car of their dreams. But we feel our mission goes beyond this: we are committed to being good neighbors – to giving back to our community. That’s why we hold Braman BMW events such as November’s Feeding America effort.

Drive to End Hunger

We took part in the event from November 13-20th in order to help stamp out hunger. Feeding America is the largest hunger-relief organization in the U.S. For every test drive taken in that week, we donated 200 meals. That means every single test drive helped feed 67 people for a day, whether a vehicle was bought or not.

We’re proud to take part in this with an organization like Feeding America. We offered some incentive prizes, such as a trip to the iHeart Music Festival in Boston and a $1,000 new vehicle credit. Now obviously, this helps us connect with customers. It helps you find the BMW match you’ve been looking for. More than anything else, Braman BMW community events like this are intended to help people in need.

Feeding America

If you wish to help more, Feeding America is a nonprofit organization with more than 200 food banks. It’s the nation’s third largest charity, and they help feed more than 46 million people. One in six Americans suffers from hunger, and Feeding America advocates measures that will help solve that problem and provide food security to more families.

To learn more about Feeding America, or to donate or volunteer with them, click here for their website. Read more on our proud accomplishment. 

If you’re looking for a BMW dealership in South Florida, we can help connect you with the model of your dreams. We’ll continue holding community events like this, so that we can help people get better deals while helping people in need get some of those needs fulfilled.

BMW 330i Compared to Jaguar XE 25t

BMW 330i Comparison

BMW 330i Comparison With Jaguar XE 25t

You’re looking at the great new 330i, but you want to compare it to some of its competitors first. That’s a good idea; so how does the 2018 BMW 330i compare to Jaguar’s smallest sedan, the XE 25t?

The 330i proves to be one of the more comfort-focused in the 3-series. This gives the sporty Jaguar a good, fighting chance to take down its competitor. But can it?



The 2018 BMW 330i boasts a 2.0 liter turbo-four. It’ll give you 248 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque. Does the Jaguar compare? It features a 2.0 liter that reaches 240 hp and 251 lb-ft of torque. Even if it falls a little short, it’s still close enough that the difference hardly matters.

This translates very differently into the actual performance, though. The BMW reaches 60 mph from a standstill in only 5.4 seconds. The Jaguar takes a much longer 6.6 seconds.



The Jaguar gains some ground with tight steering and some good dynamics. Its acceleration might not be sporty, but its handling behaves like it. It has good lateral control through Jaguar’s Integral Link suspension. This means it will handle a curve beautifully. If only it could accelerate out of one.

BMWs have long been built with grip in mind. The 330i’s handling is more polished and feels built around the driver. Control is better developed, and of course, its acceleration packs a punch the Jaguar can’t match.



Jaguar’s XE 25t is a decent car if you want the driving experience built around the car itself. The driver becomes a bit of an afterthought, which can make someone feel like they’re in the seat of a less storied brand. If that’s the case, why spend the kind of money you would on a Jag?

The 330i has notably better acceleration. The driving experience is designed with the driver in mind It lets you know you’re driving a brand with a feel and an identity. It feels less generic.

The winner: Bimmer by a mile. The new BMW 330i for sale is available at Braman BMW in West Palm Beach. Compare the 330i to some of the other 3-series to get a feel for how comfort and performance are balanced.

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