2020 BMW M8: Behind the Wheel

December 05, 2019
2020 BMW M8, M8 coupe

If you haven’t yet had the chance to meet the 2020 BMW M8, there’s no time like the present. It comes in two exciting varieties: the traditional Coupe and the Competition Package. The 2020 BMW M8 Convertible starts at $122,995, unless of course you’d like to upgrade to the Competition package, then you can expect to see a price tag of $146,995. The M8 Coupe, though, you can get for a bit less at $112,895. You can choose to add options like carbon ceramic brakes, a better sound system by Bowers & Wilkins, or even a carbon exterior package. 

Pricing for this model is incredibly close to the top of their line ($158,695 for the M760i), and for good reason. It’s a beautiful machine packed with features whether you choose the Competition upgrade or you’d rather stick with the standard model. 

The first thing you’ll likely notice is just how gorgeous this model is. It has a strong presence with a beautiful finish throughout the cabin. You’ll see those carbon echoes almost everywhere. Add in the dark trim and incredibly supportive seats, and you have a car you could ride in for hours.

Choose the Convertible to bring a bit of the world around you inside in a hurry. You can lower the top at speeds of up to 31 miles per hour, and it takes just fifteen seconds to do. There’s even a wind deflector that will help lower the noise inside the cabin when the top is down. You’ll love the seat and neck warmers to help keep you toasty when it’s chilly outside. 

Performance, though, is what really matters in both the M8 Coupe and the Convertible. Corner speeds here are absolutely incredibly thanks to the sophisticated steering system. You’ll never find the tendency to under steer or hesitation to move forward. The carbon ceramic brakes option means you’ll be able to stop quickly when it becomes necessary.

The All-Wheel-Drive Sport mode means the ability to accelerate quickly and powerfully, and BMW has suggested you can move from 0-60 in just three seconds. This rear-based all-wheel-drive system is maneuverable. Weighing in at 4,300 pounds, it’s not as agile as lighter cars, but the chassis is stiff, and the suspension has been carefully tuned to make it feel lighter than it is. The steering in this machine always gives you the feedback you need. 

The extensive power reserves are helpful, though they may never be used on the streets. The quiet exhaust is nice as well, though you can choose to make things a bit louder with a single touch of a button on the console. 

The 2020 BMW M8 in any form comes with lots of great body control, and it’s incredibly responsive. Ride is always comfortable, even when you’re driving over rough pavement. Choose the Competition Package for stiffer engine mounts, stronger front suspension camber, and ball joints, all of which make this an amazing ride. 

Both options include twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V8. In the standard version, you can expect 600 hp. In the competition version, expect 617 hp. For both, torque is 553 pound-feet. 

Keep in mind that you’re not going to do a lot of entertaining with this vehicle, as it has minuscule rear seats, but if you’re looking for serious driver comfort and high-speed capabilities, this is absolutely the right vehicle to meet your needs. 

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