BMW 7 Series Remote Parking on the Streets

November 07, 2016

BMW 7 Series | Braman BMW

BMW knows how to gets people interested in their vehicles – and stoke the passion in folks who already love everything BMW does. This time around, the BMW 7 Series is ready to shine with a whole showcase of technological goodies for you – including the ability to remote park your car.

Initially a lot of folks didn’t quite understand the need for remote parking. You’re in the car already – can you not just park it yourself? And when faced with a space too small, you can always just continue to drive around until you find something more suitable, right?

The funny thing is that you never know quite when these BMW accessories will come in handy. A great example? You have parked your car. You’re enjoying a lovely dinner or day of shopping. And you return only to find that a few folks have decided it’s okay to park nice and close to you to the point that you simply cannot get into your car. Likewise, sometimes you don’t have the chance or time to find another parking spot and that skinny one will simply have to do.

The BMW 7 Series gives you a chance to get into – and out of – tight spaces. This is especially true for people who live in the crowded cities of the country where finding a parking spot is a never ending battle. With remote parking, you don’t have to give up that space you saw just because it looked too small. You may never see these situations coming, and yes, it may be something you don’t ever see. But knowing that you’ve got the option to use the feature in order to help out in such situations can be calming.

BMW accessories may not always be strict necessities, but they can most certainly give you peace of mind – and isn’t that worth a lot?

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