BMW vs. Porsche: What Manufacturer Is Right for You?

April 26, 2018
BMW Dealership - BMW or Porsche | Braman West Palm Beach

Should you go to a BMW dealership or a Porsche dealership for your new car? Tough choice! The two makers have different philosophies and histories when it comes to approaching high-end cars. Let’s run down what makes these two automakers so different:

BMW Advantages

Handling: BMW focuses squarely on the driving experience. They have superb handling and are built to take turns aggressively and responsively.

Integrated Tech: Integrated technology – in the car and underneath the hood – helps you do everything from maintaining tight control in bad weather to finding a good restaurant.

Learning Curve: BMWs may feel more comfortable or “easier” to handle than some equivalent Porsches, especially initially. Test drive one for yourself at a BMW dealership.

Environmental Responsibility: The maker is pushing hard for electronic versions of most of its series, as well as standalone electric and hybrid models. BMW has already been named the most sustainable automotive company.

Family Vehicles: BMW has vastly more experience than Porsche in creating family-oriented driving machines. You’ll definitely feel a more family-oriented vibe at a BMW dealership.

Futuristic Look: While BMW keeps many signature style signifiers, its aesthetic is forward-thinking, sleek and bold.

Porsche Advantages

Performance: Porsches are built with performance in mind. While an equivalent model BMW can equal or surpass a Porsche in performance, Porsches are built to be performance-first, rather than driver-first.

Sense of Accomplishment: Porsches just might be a little harder to wrangle. Porsches can have a steeper learning curve, which doesn’t sound like an advantage – but when you really start to feel in tune with your Porsche, it can lead to a fantastic sense of control and nuance.

Durability: A recent study revealed that out of all Porsches made in the last 25 years, 97.4% are still on the road. Outstanding. Because Porsches are built for performance, they’re reasonably easy to maintain.

Classic Look: Porsche maintains a very classic look in many models. This is eye turning in its own way. Its modern looks are heavily influenced by the brand’s storied history. They’re assertive, bright and sharp.

BMW Dealership or Porsche Dealership – or Both?

With these gorgeous cars, the choice comes down to your driving preference. BMW is often more accessible and handles many of the little driving tasks for you. This allows you to focus on the feel of the road and develop a quick rhythm. You develop a natural flow for driving the second you leave your driveway.

Driving a Porsche often requires more active participation. You’re thinking about your moves rather than feeling them. You and the car push each other to peak performance. The driving experience is less relaxed, and more edge of your seat.

A good way to see what your taste is would be to take advantage of BMW leasing specials at a BMW dealership or to take advantage of those offered by a Porsche dealership. Luckily, Braman has both kinds of dealerships here in West Palm Beach! Visit them today and take a few of these beauties out for a spin!

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