BMW to Have 25 Electric Models by 2025

April 19, 2018
BMW Electric Models | Braman BMW West Palm Beach

BMW electric models are turning the corner. Soon most model lines will have an electric version available, with the same power and performance you’re used to from BMW’s combustion engine models. This year’s BMW electric models include the iX3 and iNext. And we’re loving Bimmer’s direction.

BMW Electric Models Offer Bold Design

These are beautiful cars that both adhere to the BMW design and update it for the future. They look sleek, curved and tightly aerodynamic while still retaining key brand features (the powerful, slit headlights – an element that mirrors the kidney grilles).

The eDrive powertrain that will feature on the i4 and iNext is the fifth generation, technologically advanced and evolved with more capability than ever before. Expect a range of 340 to 435 miles, depending on the model. That’s easily comparable to combustion engine BMWs.

The new iVision Dynamics shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year will get its launch as the i4, but it will hardly be alone. Plans are in place to launch bold new BMW electric models that cut their own path, as well as electric versions for many existing and upcoming series. Hybrid models will also be available in many series for those testing the water before making the full leap.

A Future-Driven Direction

BMW’s been pioneering many of these approaches in Europe, where they’ve reliably cut emissions on their new fleets year after year. This is both environmentally sound and kind to the wallet – plugging in and charging at home saves substantially on gas costs.

Electric BMWs for sale are already available. They’re sexy, powerful and every inch the controlled beast that a traditional BMW is. Yet, there are also BMW electric models that go even further in the future-driven direction (and that look the part).

Take your pick of BMW electric models – classic in appearance and powerful in performance, or something unique and especially different (like the i8 that makes onlookers stop in their tracks). Tough choices, but we’ll help you make the right one!

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