BMW i8 on the Angeles Crest Highway

March 15, 2015

Silver and blue BMW i8 on Angeles Crest Highway in California

Driving in Los Angeles can be a something of a traffic nightmare. Though many who live there already know this and are already used to it. Yet there are some places in the Los Angeles area that aren’t full of cars, and at certain times of the day can be the best driving playground in the entire area.

This is true for the BMW i8 on the Angeles Crest Highway. Hit up that highway at times when people aren’t going to or from work and you’ll find a road that moves and curves through 66 miles of the Angeles National Forest, up and over the San Gabriel Mountains. It’s a stunning drive, and tackling it with a BMW i8 makes it even better.

One of the best things about the i8 – aside from its power, style, and, well, it’s everything – is that it’s electric. So should you get stuck in some of Los Angeles’s infamous traffic, you aren’t sitting there burning fuel for hours on end like everyone else around you. Rather, you’re simply using electricity that you can power up with once more when you get home or to a charging station. So the i8 is a bit of a dual car in that it looks like a crazy-fast sports car or perhaps even a little something out of the future, but it’s also eco-friendly, which fits well with a lot of the mindset in Los Angeles.

The gas engine that the i8 carries only kicks in when you really need it for boosted acceleration, or for longer drives. The i8 is also exceedingly quiet, which can be very nice for those who do find themselves surrounded by other cars for long periods of time. If you’re a fan of engine sounds, don’t worry – the i8 can bring you those, too.

If you see a BMW i8 for sale, you should most certainly take the chance to see it up close and personal.

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