BMW i8 Pure Impulse Equipment Package

January 05, 2015

BMW i8 Pure Impulse – High Tech and High Luxury Collide

Customizing a BMW i8 gives you the chance to choose from all the available options and have them included in your car. But there’s also another way to go about making certain that your BMW i8 is fully loaded. The BMW Pure Impulse equipment is wide, varied, and chock full of goodness and it is waiting for you when you decide to buy an i8 from Braman BMW.

bmw-i8-2015_HorsepowerThe complete equipment package of the Pure Impulse provides you with all options possible for the i8 – and then some. In fact, it goes beyond the typical options to provide you with a variety of elite design details. These details apply to the interior and exterior alike, which can make your i8 truly exceptional. So what might you find with the Pure Impulse package?

The interior design in Carpo Carum Grey isonly available through Pure Impulse. The leather material is soft and light, accentuated by BMW i Blue elements, such as the double stitching and the seatbelts. On the instrument panel, center console, and the doors, you’ll find Amido metallic surfaces. The gearshift lever will feature black, high-strength, zirconium-oxide ceramic that is scratch-resistant. The i8 logo will appear in a number of places, from the leather seating to the door sill.

But the little details aren’t the only things BMW i8 Pure Impulse package interiorthat you’ll see with Pure Impulse. AskBraman BMW and they’ll confirm that you’ll receive a Pure Impulse card which brings you to the threshold of a new world. You become an exclusive member of the “BMW i Pure Impulse Experience Programme” that allows you to experience special functions, explore design concepts at a first-rate restaurant, as well as ideas tailored to your individual interests and passions.

There is much to enjoy when it comes to a fully loaded i8, but there is even more to indulge in when you opt for the Pure Impulse complete equipment package for your new i8. So why wait? Contact your Braman BMW dealership today!

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