BMW i8 Review

February 09, 2015

Silver BMW i8 review

Car companies are innovating more and more every day. Some companies more than others. BMW is dedicated to building a better, more efficient car that can still deliver the same performance and power that people expect from such a high quality brand. While other companies make minimal efforts or are simply satisfied to remain where they are in their nook of technology, BMW isn’t satisfied to stay put. That’s why they’re ready to deliver the BMW i8 to the world.

BMW’s Electric Sports Car – Style, Power and Technology

This beautiful blend of smart technology, sexy BMW designs, and the power to go 0 to 60 in 4.4 seconds is all meshed together in a seamless design that will have even the most disinterested car person taking a second look – and perhaps a third. Handling like the supercar one might expect, it’s a hybrid of an electric and gas powertrain. This gives you all the possibilities of saving on gas by utilizing the electric engine in the vast majority of places, but still having the backup of a 3 cylinder, 1.5L turbocharged engine during moments when you need a little more than the electric can give you.

It was 2009 when BMW first showcased the concept of the i8. Some never thought it would come to fruition. But now it is 2014 and test drivers of the BMW i8 are smiling like kids who didn’t just get candy, they got the entire candy store. Put it in sport mode, and things can get really fun. Anyone in an i8 will be dying for an open stretch of road in which to really test the car’s speed and overall power. That’s because the BMW i8 can indeed deliver on all counts. It also is crafted using a great deal of carbon fiber, which is strong yet light, making the i8 lighter than both the Porsche 911 Turbo and 2015 Corvette.

The inside is comfortable, as any other BMW i8 review will tell you, and it will take some time to finally be able to get out once the ride is over. It’s one of those cars that you simply won’t want to leave behind. So what are you waiting for? The second you have the chance to test drive one yourself, get that experience under your belt. You won’t soon forget it.

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