BMW Sets EV Delivery Record

November 21, 2022
bmw ev delivery

Amid the unprecedented supply hitches and unrelenting semiconductor scarcity, BMW recorded a significant jump in EV deliveries from last year’s performance. A comparison of BMW’s 2021 and 2022 half-year reports shows that even as total deliveries dropped slightly in 2022, EV deliveries surged by 39.5 percent. Citing consumer enthusiasm for EVs, the automaker believes this trend will likely hold on. However, there are some doubts about this claim. In Europe, worsening geopolitics have caused a sharp rise in energy costs which may dissuade consumers from joining the electric wave.

In countries like Germany, high energy costs have made it more costly to run EVs than ICEs. Hopefully, this won’t hold for much longer or even occur in North America.

BMW EV Delivery – A Risky Bet That’s Paying Off

As the world leans towards sustainable energy and consumption, BMW is leading the pack of luxury automakers in EV production and sales.

But you may be unaware that BMW’s move to EV production started almost five decades back with the BMW 1602 Elektro-antrieb.

More recently, the automaker retired the i3 lineup, leaving the BMW iX UV and the i4 as the major all-electric options. The luxury automaker is also set to release an electric version of its biggest SUV, the i7, later this year, presumably owing to the promising market demand.

What this means for the future of EVs and consumers

The BMW Group has carved a niche for itself not only as one of the top luxury automakers, but they do it differently and best from the rest.  Given BMW’s aggressiveness in the market and its exceptional craftsmanship, it’s only a matter of time before other EV automakers feel the heat.  This turn of events also means consumers can expect a more diverse lineup of EV options from the BMW group.

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