Could the BMW Z4 be Getting a Manual Gearbox Option?

April 11, 2023
bmw z4 manual

New BMWs are undoubtedly powerful machines, including the Z4. However, these convertibles are auto-only models, something that could change in the next release. After the Toyota Supra came with a manual gearbox, there were rumors that BMW was working on providing the Z4 with one as well. Initially, BMW enthusiasts thought the six-speed manual M40i would debut with the 2023 model, but that was not the case. Instead, sources from the automaker confirmed that it is considering launching in 2024. So, could the BMW Z4 manual transmission be a real possibility? Read on to learn more.

Why Consider a BMW Z4 Manual Variant?

The  Z4 is a future classic, and nothing would make it more desirable than a manual transmission. BMW pulled the manual gearbox from its Z4 model for various reasons such as costs and take rates. However, the manual transmission is highly likely to return to the Z4 2024 model due to the following reasons:

  • Customer demand: It’s pretty common to hear true fans complain about the missing manual transmission option. Therefore, BMW will not want to lose a portion of its customer base by not offering a manual transmission variant.
  • Competition: By including a stick shift, the Z4 could be the only available manual BMW convertible.

With competitors like the Supra having a manual variant, BMW is more likely to offer a Z4 manual option to survive beyond the end of the current generation.

Z4 Upgrades

While the 2023 Z4 doesn’t come in a stick shift version, it’s still a great car. It comes with three new paint options and a new wheel option. Additionally, the new Z4 has an eight-speed automatic transmission, which is one of the best automatics.

Featuring a 382-hp turbocharged inline-six engine, the Z4 M40i can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in under four seconds. The standard sDrive30i model sees the upgrade of the M Sport package as standard. This package includes a different insert for the kidney grille, among other upgrades. Therefore, the only thing that needs to be added to a Z4 is a manual transmission, something BMW is likely to prioritize in its 2024 release.

We Can Help You Find Your Next Convertible

BMW gave its Z4 model a light upgrade for 2023; it features various exterior updates, new colors, and subtle design changes. But, it is pretty likely that the 2024 Z4 model could come in stick very soon. Until then, we are here to help you if you’re searching for your next vehicle. Visit us today to learn more.

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