New 7 Series to have Remote Parking System

September 01, 2016

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If you haven’t been excited about the new BMW 7 Series for sale, then it’s time to get into it. New technologies have been consistently added to BMWs for years, and with the addition of the remote parking system, things have gotten even more interesting. The issue was that various rules and legislation required a person to be on board a car while moving. But as time continues to relentlessly push forward and technology with it, the issue have finally been resolved. Starting in October, you might want to head to your South Florida BMW dealership, as the remote parking system will finally become available.

Combined with the new key fob, BMW is accelerating into the future. Here is one example of how the remote parking system can work. There is a space right in front of you, but other vehicles are simply too close. You could get into the space – but then you couldn’t get out of the car! What do you do? Use the remote parking system, of course!

It’s simple. Just  tell the car you want it to use the system. Motion sensors around the vehicle will remain in operation, in case you’re in the middle of moving the car back and someone or something darts behind it. The car will stop, and then once the obstruction is clear, you can continue moving it into our out of the space.

Most new BMW 7 Series for sale will have this option, although you’ll have to confirm this when you start your new car search. Ask the representatives at the South Florida BMW dealership – they’ll be able to provide you with cars with the system and even show you how it works.
One model for certain that doesn’t have this option is the 740e as the hybrid drivetrain doesn’t seem to be compatible. But given that dozens of other 7 Series vehicles are, you still have an excellent swath of choices waiting before you. So, which one will it be?

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