New BMW Lease Specials in West Palm Beach, Florida

May 04, 2015

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It’s that time again! New BMW dealer lease specials in West Palm Beach, Florida await you this spring – the perfect time to get a fantastic car to enjoy the beautiful weather. This month there are three extra-special deals that can get you on the road and discover the glory of a new BMW in no time.

BMW 328i Lease Special

If you’ve ever looked at the BMW 328i, now is the time to act. At Braman BMW, you can lease a gorgeous BMW 328i for an astounding price. Typically a BMW 328i can be priced at $39,500 – but what if you like variety? What if you want to pay a little less for the car you drive? A lease is a perfect option, and now you can get a sleek new BMW 328i for only $309 a month! The lease lasts for 36 months, and once it’s finished, your options are once again open.

BMW 535i Lease Deal

Want to bump things up a notch? The BMW 535i is a silvery beauty with all the power you could ever want. So why drop everything when you only need $549 per month for 36 months? The BMW 535i lease special gives you the chance to truly enjoy the 535i for what it can offer, and then you can make your final decisions after your lease term is up – keep the gorgeous 535i or move on to something else?

BMW X5 Lease Offer

Perhaps your ultimate goal is to have the wheel of the powerful BMW X5 under your hands. A wonderful piece of engineering innovation, the X5 has all you could want in a BMW SUV design. This month, you can lease a BMW X5 for 36 months at only $659 per month. The savings are as impressive as the car, and you couldn’t ask for anything better.

The weather is wonderful, the people at Braman are helpful, and the BMWs waiting for you are sparkling under the sun. What more are you looking for in your next car?

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