BMW Coats New X6 in Vantablack

November 07, 2019
2020 BMW X | New X6 | Braman BMW in Jupiter, Florida

In November, BMW unveiled a special edition of the new X6 at the recent Frankfurt Auto Show. What’s remarkable about this model? The paint. Yes, really! It is coated in the edgy, innovative Vantablack VBx2 finish. The world’s “blackest black” is head-turning, and this stunning special edition does not disappoint. 

The original Vantablack, which is now owned exclusively by artist Anish Kapoor, absorbs an astonishing 99% of light, which makes it the darkest pigment – blackest black – in the world. BMW’s Vantablack VBx2 is just as deep but manages to offer reflection from every angle: not only does this make it more suitable for a vehicle finish than the original, but produces an even more stunning effect.

The super-saturated pigment emphasizes the 2020 BMW X model’s aggressive grille and lights. The overall effect? Think of it like a crouching leopard, tensed and ready to spring at its prey. 

What’s so special about Vantablack? It was invented in 2014 to be used as a coating for components that would be launched into space. The lack of light absorption would enable observation of galaxies far, far away.

Ben Jensen, the inventor himself, has been approached by automakers who want to utilize this blacker than black coating. But he held out. Until he met the new X6. “I think it worked really well on the BMW X6, because of the size of the car, its distinctive shape, and how imposing it is.” 

As a finish for everyday driving, though, Vantablack BBx2 is a long way from hitting production lines. We’ll just have to marvel at the special edition! But the line of 2020 BMW X models are distinctive and imposing in their own right. Visit Braman BMW in West Palm Beach to explore the Ultimate Driving Machine’s exciting new addition. 

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