Are BMWs Reliable?

March 15, 2019
Reliable BMWs | Nice BMW Cars | Braman BMW of West Palm Beach, Florida

BMWs are built with a high degree of precision. This has raised some questions about reliability, but they’re unearned. Reliable BMWs are as widespread as any other make, and there are many nice BMW cars and SUVs that can last for decades when well cared for.

Engines that Last

The most enduring part of a BMW is the engine. The precision that goes behind its design and build isn’t just for kicks. It’s because a vehicle built from the core with that precision in mind can deliver a feel that’s unparalleled in any other make.

BMWs are designed to remove so much of the delay between your action as a driver and the vehicle’s response. This makes driving more immediate. That’s what precision gets you, and that means better safety, better handling, and an overall better experience.

Luxury Still Needs an Oil Change

Maintain a BMW with regular oil changes and get its inspections on time, and you’ll decrease the risk that anything begins to fail.

Some owners imagine that owning a luxury car or SUV means they don’t have to take care of it. This leads to missed oil changes and other minor maintenance not being done on time. This obviously leads to decreased reliability – it would for any vehicle. A luxury car or SUV still needs oil changes done just like any other – unless you’re looking at BMW’s increasing line-up of electric vehicles.

Improvements in the Modern Era

Reliable BMWs are plentiful because they have reliable owners.

Some older BMWs have issues with window regulators, door locks – issues away from the engine – but those were early days and most of those models are more prized for being classics. And a classic is bound to need a bit of work.

If you’re looking for nice BMW cars and SUVs, the modern series of the last several years and the series which are debuting or upcoming – these are the most reliable BMWs ever made. You can have confidence that a BMW can deliver the precision you want for a long time to come, so long as you put a bit of care into it.

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