Sporty and Eco-Friendly? The BMW i8

November 05, 2014

The Sporty BMW i8

BMW’s forte is luxury cars. But not only are they luxurious, they can also be fast, sporty, stunning, and everything in between. BMW knows how to make cars that draw people to them. Their ingenuity, attention to detail, and unending quest to be the best at what they do has brought forth something special – the BMW i8.

sporty eco friendly bmw i8

At first glance, you might think that BMW’s new i8 model is just another sports car that boasts a lot of futuristic flavor. But it’s not just flavor – this is a fistful of future right here and waiting. The powerful shape and precise contours aren’t what you’ll see in other sporty cars – this is something new. Something different. This is the BMW i8. Beneath the hood, you won’t find a typical engine either. Instead, you’ll see BMW’s perfect blend of electric and gas power, giving you an edge over other cars, while still maintaining the kind of boost and range that you want. The interior will make you “Ooh,” and “Aah,” out loud with its vibrant display, bold color, and sweet, sweet seating. And, of course, it wouldn’t be a BMW without the best in technology and entertainment, all brought together in a streamlined look that’s hard to tear your gaze from.

While BMW’s new i8 model isn’t quite available yet, you can expect to see it very, very soon at Braman BMW. Their laser-like focus on the best models on the market give them the edge over other competitors. They want to know everything BMW is prepared to do, and the second they can bring people the i8, they’re going to do it. So keep Braman BMW on speed dial or keep frequenting their website because once they get the i8, don’t be surprised if they’ll be hard-pressed to keep it in stock!

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