The Finest BMW Convertible: Our Series Lineup

April 15, 2024
BMW convertible in a parking garage.

Navigating through the illustrious lineup of the BMW convertible reveals a diverse range of vehicles designed to suit the tastes and preferences of luxury car enthusiasts around the world. From the compact zest of the 2 Series to the unparalleled elegance of the 8 Series, each model offers a unique blend of performance, style, and open-air freedom.

But with such a rich array of options, several questions naturally arise: which models are available as convertibles, the pricing of the anticipated electric variants like the BMW i5, the distinction of the most powerful convertible in the BMW repertoire, and the strategic move towards soft-top designs over hardtop convertibles. 

Let’s delve into these aspects to provide a clearer picture of what BMW offers to those who love the wind in their hair and the road stretching endlessly before them.

Unveiling the Sky: The Evolution of BMW Convertibles

BMW, with its rich history of producing some of the most revered vehicles in the automotive industry, has consistently offered a variety of models in convertible form to cater to the tastes of those who love the feel of the open air while driving. Let’s explore the models and delve into the specifics of the BMW convertible lineup, including pricing and design choices.

What BMW Models Come in a Convertible?

BMW’s convertible range is as diverse as it is sophisticated, each model tailored to offer a distinct blend of performance, luxury, and design. From the compact agility of the 2 Series to the unmatched elegance of the 8 Series, BMW has crafted its convertibles to cater to various tastes and driving experiences. Let’s delve deeper into the characteristics that make each of these convertibles stand out in their respective classes.

BMW 2 Series Convertible – Compact Agility Meets Luxury

The BMW 2 Series Convertible is the epitome of compact luxury, combining nimble performance with an upscale design ethos. It’s designed for those who seek the thrill of a sporty drive without sacrificing comfort and elegance. Under the hood, the 2 Series Convertible packs a punch with engines that balance power and efficiency, making every drive exhilarating yet refined. Its smaller size enhances handling and agility, making it perfect for navigating winding roads or bustling city streets. 

Inside, occupants are greeted with a meticulously crafted cabin, featuring premium materials and innovative technology that ensures a comfortable and connected drive. Despite its compact dimensions, the 2 Series Convertible offers a surprisingly spacious interior, proving that luxury and practicality can coexist in a sporty package.

A birdseye view of a BMW convertible in a parking garage.

BMW 4 Series Convertible – Stylish Design Meets Dynamic Performance

The BMW 4 Series Convertible is where aesthetic grace meets driving dynamics. Renowned for its stylish design, the 4 Series Convertible boasts a sleek silhouette that is both elegant and aerodynamic. The retractable hardtop not only provides a quiet and secure cabin when raised but also transforms the vehicle into a stunning open-top beauty at the push of a button. 

Engine options provide a harmonious blend of power and smoothness, ensuring a driving experience that is both dynamic and pleasurable. The interior is a sanctuary of sophistication, with high-quality materials and advanced technology that cater to both drivers and passengers’ needs, making every journey an occasion to look forward to.

BMW 8 Series Convertible – The Zenith of Open-Air Luxury

The BMW 8 Series Convertible stands at the apex of the BMW convertible lineup, a masterclass in luxury, performance, and innovation. It’s crafted for those who accept no compromises and demand the ultimate in luxury motoring. The 8 Series Convertible dazzles with its imposing presence, featuring a design that’s both commanding and graceful. 

Equipped with BMW’s most powerful engines, it delivers a driving experience that’s as exhilarating as it is seamless. The interior is akin to a bespoke suit, tailored with the finest materials and equipped with cutting-edge technology to ensure unparalleled comfort and convenience. It’s a vehicle that doesn’t just travel; it makes a statement with every mile.

BMW Z4 Roadster – A Symphony of Sportiness and Design

The BMW Z4 Roadster is a celebration of pure driving pleasure, designed for those who desire a more intimate driving experience. As a two-seater, it offers a direct connection between the driver, the car, and the road. The Z4’s design is a blend of classic roadster proportions and modern BMW styling cues, resulting in a vehicle that’s as beautiful to look at as it is to drive. 

The focus on performance is evident in its rear-wheel-drive layout and the choice of engines that offer brisk acceleration and responsive handling. The cabin, while compact, is exquisitely appointed with luxury materials and features that prioritize driver engagement and comfort. The BMW Z4 Roadster is for those who live for the joy of driving, with the wind as their companion and the road as their canvas.

Each model in BMW’s convertible lineup offers a unique set of attributes designed to fulfill the desires of different drivers, from the compact luxury of the 2 Series Convertible to the unparalleled grandeur of the 8 Series Convertible. Whether it’s the dynamic performance of the 4 Series Convertible or the pure driving joy of the Z4 Roadster, BMW ensures that the spirit of open-air freedom is alive and well in each of its offerings.

How Much is the BMW i5 Convertible?

As of the latest information, BMW has not officially released an i5 convertible. The BMW i series continues to focus on electric and hybrid vehicles. The lineup includes models such as the i3, a compact urban electric car, and the previously available i8, a plug-in hybrid sports car that came in coupe and roadster variants but has since been discontinued. The i4 exists as an all-electric Gran Coupe rather than a convertible.

The BMW convertible beige colored interior.

What is the Most Powerful BMW Convertible?

Historically, the most powerful BMW convertible would have been the BMW M8 Competition Convertible. Equipped with a 4.4-liter V8 M TwinPower Turbo engine, this remarkable vehicle boasts up to 617 horsepower and can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.0 seconds. This makes it not only one of the most powerful convertibles in BMW’s lineup but also one of the most powerful convertibles in the luxury automotive market.

Green bmw parked in the showroom.

Why Did BMW Stop Making Hardtop Convertible?

BMW transitioned away from hardtop convertibles for several reasons, primarily focusing on the benefits of soft-top designs that have been substantially improved over time. The reasons include:

  • Weight Reduction: Soft tops are significantly lighter than hard tops, which improves the vehicle’s performance, handling, and fuel efficiency.
  • Increased Cargo Space: Without the need to accommodate the folding hardtop mechanism, soft-top convertibles often offer more trunk space, making them more practical.
  • Aesthetic and Tradition: Soft tops have a classic and sleek profile that appeals to many convertible enthusiasts. BMW has managed to maintain a luxurious and stylish appearance with its latest soft-top designs.
  • Advanced Materials and Technology: Modern soft tops are made with durable, weather-resistant materials that offer excellent insulation and security, reducing the gap in practicality that once favored hard tops.

By focusing on soft-top convertibles, BMW continues to embrace and enhance the classic convertible experience while leveraging advancements in materials and design to meet the high expectations of its customers.

Our Top Pick: The BMW 8 Series Convertible

The BMW 8 Series Convertible not only epitomizes the pinnacle of BMW’s convertible lineup but also stands as a paragon of luxury automotive engineering. It’s a vehicle that transcends the ordinary, transforming every journey into a statement of unparalleled style and performance. Crafted for the connoisseur who demands nothing but the utmost in luxury, the 8 Series Convertible is more than a car; it’s a manifestation of ambition and an embodiment of the drive for perfection.

The Allure of the BMW 8 Series Convertible

Marking its territory as a beacon of opulence and performance, the BMW 8 Series Convertible is designed for those who see travel not just as a movement but as an art. Its striking exterior design, characterized by flowing lines and a bold stance, promises power and agility. This vehicle doesn’t just turn heads—it captivates the gaze, inviting onlookers to appreciate its sophistication. Inside, the cabin is a sanctuary where luxury meets innovation, with every detail from the plush seats to the advanced technological interface curated to enhance the driving experience, ensuring it’s as memorable as it is luxurious.

Performance That Thrills

Beneath its sophisticated exterior lies a heart racing with adrenaline. The BMW 8 Series Convertible is equipped with potent engines, like the V8 in the M850i, providing a surge of power that’s both intoxicating and smooth. This convertible leaps from 0 to 60 mph in an instant, promising a ride that’s not just fast, but seamlessly powerful. Enhanced with BMW’s xDrive all-wheel-drive system and precision handling, it delivers a dynamic driving experience that’s exhilarating at every turn, ensuring that every drive is more than just a journey—it’s an adventure.

Cutting-Edge Technology for an Unmatched Driving Experience

At the vanguard of automotive innovation, the BMW 8 Series Convertible integrates a plethora of advanced features designed to elevate every moment spent on the road. The intuitive iDrive infotainment system provides seamless connectivity, while the advanced driver assistance systems offer peace of mind, making each journey safer and more enjoyable. Innovations like the BMW Digital Key and the Reversing Assistant highlight BMW’s commitment to convenience and safety, removing the hassles of traditional driving challenges.

Luxury and Comfort without Compromise

The interior of the BMW 8 Series Convertible is a masterpiece of comfort and elegance. Every aspect, from the luxurious leather upholstery to the exquisitely designed trim, reflects a commitment to excellence and attention to detail. Amenities such as heated steering wheels, neck warmers, and climate-controlled seating ensure that comfort is paramount, regardless of the external conditions. The generous space for both passengers and luggage positions this convertible as the ideal choice for those who seek the thrill of the drive without sacrificing the pleasure of the journey.

The BMW 8 Series Convertible: A Symbol of Prestige

Owning a BMW 8 Series Convertible is a declaration of one’s achievements and a celebration of an extraordinary lifestyle. It’s crafted for individuals who aspire to stand out, who cherish luxury, performance, and innovation, and who demand an unrivaled driving experience. The 8 Series Convertible isn’t just a vehicle; it’s a symbol of prestige, a testament to exquisite craftsmanship, and a beacon of luxury on wheels, defining the essence of what it means to drive in unparalleled style and comfort.

The Journey of Luxury with the BMW Convertible

The BMW 8 Series Convertible stands as the pinnacle of convertible luxury, offering an unmatched combination of style, performance, and innovation. It’s a vehicle designed for those who demand the best in life, who appreciate the value of a premium driving experience, and who seek to embark on journeys not just to reach a destination, but to savor every moment of the ride. If you’re ready to experience the ultimate in luxury and performance, the BMW 8 Series Convertible awaits. Contact us for more information. Embark on your journey of luxury with the BMW convertible—a journey where the destination is as remarkable as the ride itself.

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