The New BMW 750Li For Sale in Palm Beach, Florida

August 24, 2015
New 2015 BMW 750Li for sale at the Braman BMW dealership in South Florida

Are you ready for the new BMW 750i for sale? It’s here, it’s beautiful, and it’s waiting for you to take it for a test drive. Of all the BMW dealers in Florida, Braman BMW is ready to show you all the glory of the 750i.

With its 445hp and 17-25 mpg, it’s more than prepared to give you a good time as you cruise through city streets. Starting at $87,300, you can ask your Braman representative about possible specials happening at the time, or financing options in order to get this gorgeous car in your garage. The leather seating is handcrafted, each piece of the car carefully made in order to ensure the best in quality, and the engine painstakingly developed to the finest of specifications. This isn’t a quick, factory-made car. This is a car made by human hands, with care and precision, for people like you who want only the best in craftsmanship, safety, and longevity.

Take some time when you check out the BMW 750i for sale. Sit in the driver’s seat. The passenger’s seat. Take it for a test drive. Try out the controls. Ask about the features. This isn’t a car you simply own. It’s one that you discover. Find out what makes the 750i tick, and how you can quickly become in tune with it.

Braman BMW will also bring you into Club Braman the second you decide to own the BMW 750i. While other BMW dealers in Florida will sell you a car and move on, Braman is happy to have you with them as a customer. They want to continue that relationship by inviting you to various events and helping you to discover all the joys of your 750i.

Contact Braman today to find out more. You may think it’s too great a dealership to be true, but among BMW dealers in Florida, Braman is top tier, and proud to help you in every way.

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