Top Gear: BMW i8 vs M3

March 28, 2015

Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson sitting in front of a BMW M3 and BMW i8

Top Gear is known for their endless knowledge of cars, so when the BMW i8 was released, they found it fun to compare it to different things. After all, a super high-tech car such as the i8 practically demands to be compared to other cars, including many from its own brand family. So Top Gear pitted the i8 against the new BMW M3.

Both of these cars have been recently released into the wild, so it makes sense to look at them and do a bit of contrast and comparing. These two vehicles are the crème de la crème of what BMW has to offer, though each of them moves through their own sort of world, with the i8 being primarily an electric car with a small gasoline engine for those times when an electric-only option doesn’t suffice, whereas the M3 is more of a traditional design in terms of its engine.

The M3 has a smaller engine and two fewer cylinders, but it’s turbo-powered so you’re still getting plenty of boost, if not more. The power steering has been switched over to electric, but it also comes in different modes, such as comfort, for slight changes in control. Seating for four, comfortable, excellent sound system, and more, all come together to make the M3 a beautiful car.

The i8 also has plenty to offer. It’s a great way to head toward an eco-friendly world. And because BMW is at the helm, it’s the kind of car that can help turn people who might normally turn away from an electric car to take a closer look instead. With three driving modes, you can pick out what works best for your current driving needs, from strictly electric to a blend of both electric and gasoline engine. It is important to pay attention to the electricity though, as you may need to charge at some point, a feat which can be tricky in itself.

If you can snag a BMW i8 lease at a great price, go for it. But if you’re going to be doing a lot of driving, maybe the BMW M3 is a better choice. It ultimately depends upon lifestyle because they’re both great cars straddling a line in time where things are on the cusp of change.

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