What to Expect from the 2019 BMW Z4

February 15, 2018

BMW is continually driving into the future. Exhibit A: the 2019 BMW Z4. This ultra-sleek beauty will get your heart racing. What do we know so far?

What Will the New Z4 be Like?

Previewed at last year’s Monterey Car Week in California, the 2019 BMW Z4 looks like a gorgeous mid-size beast of a sports car. Its futuristic design highlights a sleek, insistent profile. Its nose features a long, gentle slope that seems to announce the driver sitting back under the soft-top roof.

Without the hard top, the Z4 should grip the road even better. Reduced weight means more zip out of the turns, which is one of the primary reasons you look for a BMW.

Under the Hood

We expect the 2.0-liter model to run at 248 hp while the 3.0-liter engine boasts 350 hp. Will there by a hybrid option? It may be too early to tell, but our guess is not this time. With a sports car this size, the gas option should offer a nimble car with plenty of acceleration and agile handling.

Current plans indicate there won’t be an M option. This makes sense. The Z4 succeeds as a showy, agile fox of a car more than the larger, throatier greyhounds in the BMW stable. It’s a smart eye-turner that gives you a lot of flexibility in traffic. One of the advantages to this is its great handling in rainy weather.

As you look for a new BMW for sale, you’ll have to wait just a little while for the 2019 BMW Z4. It’ll come later this year with a price point situated just above the currently available Z4 to account for improvements in this model.

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