2015 BMW M4

February 23, 2015

2015 BMW M4

Meet the BMW M4, the newest addition to the BMW M Series. Watching it in action, one can only wonder if perhaps BMW used another M4 to chase after the car they were filming. But commercials aside, the M4 is bound to give any driver a good time. After all, what else should anyone expect from BMW at this point in time?

Beautifully crafted and comprised of smart engineering, the BMW M4 is something that many people will be more than happy to get behind – or rather, to get into. The M4 utilizes a forged crank, a liquid-to-air intercooler, and two turbochargers instead of one combined with the 6 cylinder design. It’s an engine that can certainly pull its weight with 406 pound-feet of torque at 1850 rpm and soon transforms into 425 horsepower at 7300 rpm. With this particular member of the BMW M Series, you can find yourself going from 0 to 60 in 3.9 seconds. It should come as no surprise that this power has been dubbed launch control.

Some might say BMW is doing a bit of cheating when it comes to the growl of the engine, but it’s hard to be dissatisfied when the car drives how it does and you still get to hear it roar. This is due to BMW’s blending of the natural engine sound with manufactured intake burr that is played through the speakers. But the combo of the sound and sensation leave little to be desired. After all, if the weather is less than ideal, it still lets you enjoy the sound the BMW M4 makes as you throttle down the road. Brakes are top notch, so no worries about slipping and sliding in all that water.

There is much to see and experience with the BMW M4. Visit Braman BMW to discover the M Series for yourself and find out whether the M4 is the car you should drive home.

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