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  • bmw reliability rank
    BMW has ranked in the top 3 for reliability in the 2022 Consumer Reports! This BMW reliability rank (No. 3) is due to the consistently above-average reliability levels of its automobiles. BMW jumped ten places to clinch this spot. BMW Reliability Rank  In this year’s BMW reliability rank, the 3 and 4 Series have well
  • bmw manufacturing plans to cut emissions
    In the future, car manufacturing companies will have to be environmentally conscious about emissions. BMW is leading the way by aiming to cut its manufacturing emissions by 40%. The company plans to achieve this goal through various changes at its Spartanburg, South Carolina, manufacturing plant. These changes will include an entirely electric paint shop and
  • BMW history
    Today, BMW is 105 years old. In that time, they’ve learned a thing or two. Throughout the history of BMW, it has beaten the odds of survival several times, and today, BMW has even bolder plans for the future.  The history of BMW begins in 1916 when the company was originally named Bayerische Flugzeugwerke AG,
  • For lovers of full-size luxury SUVs- be forewarned- the 2022 BMW X7 is one special car. First introduced in 2019, the 2022 version is a sophisticated machine with several nice features. One of the X7’s major differentiators is that it has three rows of seating, which also makes it one of the largest BMWs on
  • Refueling and pouring oil quality into the engine motor car
    An oil change is vital for all cars and that includes the BMW.  Regular oil change, along with regular maintenance, not only improves fuel efficiency, but it also maintains the integrity of the engine. If you own a BMW and ignore an oil change, it can lead to total engine failure due to overheating. Replacing
  • 2021 Red BMW M5

    The Fastest BMWs

    • February 11, 2021
    There are many different reasons to invest in a BMW. They’re the standard when it comes to safety and quality; the brand continues to redefine performance. Many, though, choose to buy a BMW for speed, and for good reason. This brand produces some of the fastest cars available today, and if speed is high on
  • Row of BMW Models
    Say you purchase a new BMW that you are in love with; it’s sleek, stylish, and a true performance machine. With stellar handling and a luxe interior, it’s a dream on wheels. But maybe you regret your decision not to get Connected Parking or Connected Charging. Or maybe there are new BMW features like the
  • New 2019 BMW X4

    The New 2019 BMW X4

    • April 12, 2018
    The new 2019 BMW X4 boasts a sportier design and wider tracks than its predecessor. It’s debuting in two models: the new 2019 BMW X4 M40i and the new 2019 BMW X4 xDrive30i. The handling is superior – in addition to those wide grips, the design focuses on improved aerodynamic lines and lowering the center
  • BMW M Series For Sale
    The BMW M Series has seen incredible success. BMW M Series cars are the best handling and most varied series of performance sports cars. It’s a treat getting to choose which M model fits you and your driving style best. It’s also a treat to enjoy an exceptionally aggressive take on your favorite model. BMW
  • Braman BMW Feeding America Event Success As a premier BMW dealership in South Florida, we get to match customers with the luxury car of their dreams. But we feel our mission goes beyond this: we are committed to being good neighbors – to giving back to our community. That’s why we hold Braman BMW events