2016 BMW 7 Series versus 2016 Cadillac CT6

July 28, 2017

BMW 7 Series

2016 BMW 7 Series versus 2016 Cadillac CT6


While the Cadillac CT6 wasn’t designed to directly go against other luxury cars, it does a bang up job of imitating one. Both the Cadillac CT6 and the BMW 7 Series are vehicles that any car lover would be proud to add to their collection, but how different are they? Would a used BMW 7 Series be a better option for you than a used Cadillac CT6, or is the classic Cadillac something that will truly transform your life?

Checking the Numbers
Most car lovers absolutely love knowing the numbers, because the specs can truly help you to discover exactly what each car is capable of. Here’s the specs on these two beauties:

The Car BMW 7 Series Cadillac CT6
Engine 3.0 liter Turbocharged Inline 6 2.0 liter Inline 4
Horsepower 320 hp 265 hp
Torque 330 pounds – feet 400 pounds – feet
Top Speed 130 mph 155 mph
0 – 60 Acceleration 5.4 seconds 6.5 seconds
Transmission 8 speed automatic 8 speed automatic
Fuel Economy City / Highway 21 mpg / 29 mpg 22 mpg / 31 mpg

If you look only at the numbers it looks like the BMW has the Cadillac beaten out by a long shot. It’s capable of hitting 60 MPH almost a second faster than the Cadillac, has much more horsepower and it’s larger engine is definitely something to behold. But the Cadillac also has a number of advantages on its side, including better fuel economy, more torque and a higher top speed. So while the numbers can definitely make it appealing to start looking at 2016 BMW lease offers, they’re not quite enough to put one vehicle over the other on their own.

Seriously Stylish
It’s great to have a powerful vehicle but most owners want to make sure that their car looks as sexy as it sounds. The great thing about this is that both the BMW and the Cadillac look absolutely sleek and stunning. The CT6 has a few fun little additions, including the LED running lights that are housed in the headlights and the hexagonal-shaped front grill. While the used BMW 7 Series doesn’t have those specific amenities, it does have gorgeous, sleek lines that would rival anything that Bruce Wayne would drive when not wearing his nocturnal uniform.

Of course looking great, and having a gorgeous engine, doesn’t mean anything if the car doesn’t drive beautifully as well. Car and Driver had the privilege of taking the BMW 7 Series out for a test drive and they were pretty happy with what they found. Thanks to the weight saving technologies that have been integrated into this BMW incarnation, the center of gravity has been able to be lowered while the torsional stiffness was also improved a great deal as well. Thanks to the new aluminum suspension and brake components as well, the unsprung weight was able to be dropped by a tremendous 15%, and everyone knows a lighter car means a faster car.

So which vehicle is the right one for you? That is a tricky question to answer. It depends on what you’re looking for in a car. While the Cadillac CT6 definitely has some positive aspects of it, with classic Cadillac lines and engine prowess, one test drive of the BMW will likely have you looking for 2016 BMW lease offers so that you can get that gorgeous vehicle out of the showroom and into your driveway.

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