2016 BMW I8 Review

August 25, 2017

2016 BMW I8 Review

Remember when you were young and collected Hot Wheels cars? Remember how the old cars that you got were cool, and the traditional sedans were ok. But the cars that everybody wanted in their collection were the sports cars. These vehicles were smooth, sleek, and absolutely stunning to look at. You may not have understood the term, “sexy” when you were that young, but you did understand that these were the cars that drove your imagination to new places.

Now you’re an adult and you have an adult’s salary and an adult’s thoughts. But imagine walking into a BMW dealer in Florida: when you turn the corner, you see the 2016 BMW i8. You close your eyes for a moment and open them and nope, the car is still there. You pinch yourself. Yes, it’s real. You blink a few times. It’s your childhood dream car – all grown up.

When you see the i8 for sale you’ll realize that BMW embodies the fun, sleek, sexy car that you always loved to play with when you were young. And not only is it stylish and oh so gorgeous, it’s also shockingly affordable in the world of luxury vehicles. Let’s discuss the i8 a bit more and you’ll see that even though you’re an adult, it’s still fun to play with cars.

More on the 2016 BMW i8

There’s something you should probably know about the i8 – it’s a hybrid. Running on electric and gas, the i8 allows you to save a huge amount of money on gas, especially around town. There’s two separate power sources: one per axle. The rear axle handles the turbocharged three-cylinder engine while the front wheels are powered by the electric motor.

The battery is located inbetween the seats, which allows the car to keep the low, sleek profile that keeps the vehicle looking extremely sleek. Because the motor and the engine are combined, the i8 can run completely on electricity, as a sport hybrid, or use both the engine and the motor together in order to give you the best performance possible.

But wait – how can a gas powered engine and a battery powered motor work together? That’s an excellent question, and it’s all thanks to software. The software that’s hooked up to the i8 means that the two components can work together without being mechanically connected. This allows for some serious power, and, when it comes to gas, some serious savings as well.

This three-cylinder engine boasts 228 horsepower, which gives it about 236 pound-feet of torque. The six speed automatic transmission runs through smoothly, and the vehicle is able to reach 155 mph with ease. The governor keeps it from climbing higher; still, 155 mph is more than enough for a thrill seeking driver.

The combined range between the battery and the engine is about 330 miles, which isn’t too shabby for either an electric car or a hybrid. The fuel efficiency rating, when it’s being run only as a hybrid is about 28 mpg. Despite the sporty power and performance, the i8 is a fuel-sipper, not a guzzler.

The BMW I8 Appeal

The i8 is helping redefine the BMW brand – taking the classic brand into the 21st century while still maintaining the automaker’s reputation for quality. It’s absolutely gorgeous and offers a high-tech vibe with “bird” doors that open straight up. The sleek, very low-to-the-ground look of the BMW turns heads the moment that it’s viewed. It’s bound to be the envy of the neighborhood.

Should you start looking for an i8 for sale? Is it the right vehicle for you? Let’s figure that out. The i8 is the ideal vehicle for someone who is looking for a sports car but who, at the same time, wants it to be extremely efficient. It, quite frankly, is entirely in a class of it’s own. There is no other vehicle on the road today that has as much technology, as much panache, or attracts as much attention as the BMW i8.

If you’re looking for a performance car that makes a loud roar when you drive it, the i8 may not be the option for you as this car runs much quieter than some other sports vehicles. But don’t let its whisper performs fool you: the i8 is just as responsive, just as gorgeous and sleek, and even more efficient than most other sports luxury vehicles.

Head to your local BMW dealer in Florida to take this beauty out for a test drive. It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll fall in love at first drive.


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