BMW Announces Next Chapter in i3 Electromobility

October 30, 2018
2019 BMW i3 | BMW i3 battery | Braman BMW West Palm Beach, Florida

The BMW i3 battery is what allows the 2019 BMW i3 to get about on all-electric power. When it first debuted in 2014, the i3 delivered enough range for a few days’ commute back and forth to work. This enabled you to only have to recharge it every 2 or 3 days. Technology has improved vastly since then, making the new i3 nearly twice as capable.

Increased Range with Zero Emissions

The BMW i3 launched in 2014 with a battery capacity of 60 Ah (ampere hours). This equated to an 81 mile electric range. Fast forward a few years and that capacity has doubled to 120 Ah. That means a 42.2 killowatt-hour battery, but what does this mean for range? That increases the electric range on the 2019 BMW i3 to 153 miles. That’s almost doubles its original 2014 range, and it’s about 30-percent better than the 2017 i3.

Charge Only Once a Week

What this means is that many will only have to recharge the BMW i3 battery once a week. It’s ideal for daily commutes and running local errands with a clean conscience – the i3 is one of the best selling zero-emissions vehicles in history. Certainly, it’s a relief to avoid stopping and paying for gas all the time. Plugging the car in overnight to recharge removes any hassle or unexpected stops and refreshes that 153 mile range.

Performance & Design

The light and strong construction means it handles as you’d expect a BMW should. As BMW’s first zero-emissions vehicle, it also performs in design and interior trim. The 2019 BMW i3 is a standout car in every respect. This makes a lot of sense seeing as how BMW is trying to carve a new market niche with it and wants to create a lasting impression.

These range improvements are expected to carry over to the 2019 i3 REX (range extender model), which features an optional gasoline engine for additional range.

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