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  • 2019 BMW i3 | BMW i3 battery | Braman BMW West Palm Beach, Florida
    The BMW i3 battery is what allows the 2019 BMW i3 to get about on all-electric power. When it first debuted in 2014, the i3 delivered enough range for a few days’ commute back and forth to work. This enabled you to only have to recharge it every 2 or 3 days. Technology has improved
  • BMW i3 Electric Vehicle | BMW i3 For Sale | Braman BMW of West Palm Beach, Florida
    Cross Atlantic Solar is a company dedicated to designing solar-power systems to fit a wide variety of homes and businesses. Building an environmentally responsible world is integral to their mission. It spoke volumes when Managing Director Mark Langley considered a wide range of potential vehicles, and ultimately chose the BMW i3 electric vehicle for his
  • 2015 BMW i3 Lease Special | Braman BMW Palm Beach
    Looking for the best of the best? You shouldn’t have to. Not when Braman’s Palm Beach BMW dealership is the place to go for all things BMW. From their amazing selection to the introduction of the brand new BMW i3, BMW’s first fully electric car that still holds classic BMW style, there’s something for everyone
  • New 2014 BMW i3 for sale at the Braman BMW dealership in Palm Beach, FL
    These are the days to be green. Eco-friendly. To finally move on from a gas guzzling engine to something more in tune with what our goals and values are. BMW saw a need to being something more earth-friendly to the market, all while keeping with their tradition of high quality and sophistication. Enter the BMW
  • Something you may not have noticed initially on the new BMW i3 for sale is the tires. Most people go straight for the body design, color, interior, and, of course, engine design. Tires tend to be near the end of the examination. But once you see them, they may surprise you. BMW i3 Tires and Handling
  • BMW makes not one, but two electric cars. So what exactly is the difference between the two? After all, shouldn’t they just bother making one electric car and make it the best it can be? At least, that’s what some may say. The funny thing is that if that argument were true, one could say
  • BMW’s i3 is electric, which means when you need some extra juice you’ve got to plug in somewhere to get it. One of the issues currently faced by those with electric cars, as well as makers of electric cars like the BMW i3, is that plug-in locations aren’t exactly numerous in the nation. There’s software
  • BMW i3 Super Bowl Ad

    • February 26, 2015
    The BMW i3 has been to the Super Bowl – sort of. This was BMW’s fun way of showing people across the country the beauty of the i3 and what it has to offer. Inviting in Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel to see the i3 for themselves, as well as take it for a spin
  • How To Invest in The Right Electric Car If you’ve been looking into 2014 electric cars, then you’re probably wondering which is the best for both your lifestyle and your budget. Each electric car has a little something different to offer depending upon what you need – although even with today’s technology some are going