Meet the 2021 BMW 330e Plug-in Hybrid Sedans

June 15, 2020
A 2021 BMW 330e Plug-In Hybrid Sedan being charged

The 3 Series model line by BMW has just been expanded to include two new models. The new BMW plug-in hybrid models are the 330e and the 330e xDrive. The 2021 BMW 330e comes packed with a turbocharged four-cylinder, 2-liter engine, an e-motor and a high-voltage battery pack. The BMW 330e boasts the latest technologies and key upgrades, improving upon the previous 3 Series. 

2021 BMW 330e: What to Know

The 2.0 TwinPower Turbo engine complimented by BMW’s stellar electric traction motor means more torque. The high-voltage, gross lithium-ion battery is positioned under the rear seats. This electric-only model is made for performance-oriented driving: it’s the Ultimate Driving Machine, after all! The EPA estimates the pure electric range for the BMW 330e Sedan at 35 km / 21.748 mi.

BMW improved on the 3 Series by enhancing power and performance in the 330e and 330e xDrive Sedans with XtraBoost. You may also opt for Sport mode; the XtraBoost feature offers an instant 40ps power increase for up to 10 seconds.

The 2021 BMW 330e features an electrified drive train, allowing the operator to accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in 5.6 seconds. The sleek new Sedan has a maximum speed of 124 mph when all-season tires are in use. This top speed figure changes to 140 mi/h with high-performance summer tires. 

The new BMW 330e has an 8-speed Sport Steptronic transmission. This quick-shifting sport automatic transmission now has optimized hydraulic control and shorter gearing which translate to faster response times and acceleration for the driver.  

The new BMW plug-in hybrid includes BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant. The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant is a digital personality that responds to “Hey BMW”. Other upgrades on this model include the Driving Assistant Professional and Parking Assistance Package Plus with Back-Up Assistant. For your convenience and safety, the BMW 330e can be locked and unlocked right from your smartphone. 

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