2022 BMW 3 Series to Go All Electric

May 29, 2020

Remember when BMW said it wouldn’t build an all-electric BMW 3 Series? It hasn’t been that long ago, but judging from the test vehicle many saw in Germany in January, it’s certainly coming soon. BMW has already said they will release 25 electrified models by 2023, and this will certainly be part of the line-up. Many sources, though, indicate it will only be released in the Chinese market.

What the Cameras Captured

Many indicate this 2022 BMW 3 Series Electric model sits on a longer wheel-based platform thanks to shots that show much longer rear doors. It is this feature that leads so many to believe it will only be released in China, as currently the long wheelbase model in the line is only available to that market. The longer wheelbase makes sense, though, as it’s likely the only way BMW can stow a large enough battery pack to offer any real range with an electric model.

The model was heavily camouflaged when captured, but the front looked fairly similar to the BMW i with a radiator grille that was shaped similarly to the iX3. This model, however, did not feature any exhaust cutouts on the rear bumper. A charging port will likely be on the driver’s side front fender.

Some industry analysts have gone as far as to suggest the entry-level version of this model might be similar to the iX3 SDrive 75e with a peak output of 286 PS. They’ve also suggested, though, that it is possible a higher output variant could be under testing at the moment.

Potential Features Abound

Thanks to the longer wheelbase platform, it is possible drivers will get more cabin space than they have in the past. In fact, it could amount to as much as an extra 1.7 inches for rear passengers. Rear cargo space could increase, too, maybe as much as 17 cubic feet of cargo space could be an option with this choice.

It’s certain to debut in China when it’s complete. The real question for many BMW enthusiasts, though, is will it be available in other markets as well.

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