5 Reasons to Buy from Braman BMW of Palm Beach

June 08, 2016

BMW Lease Specials | Braman BMW West Palm Beach

If you’ve been considering different BMW lease specials and thinking about Braman BMW as your dealership of choice, then there’s no need to wait any longer. Braman customers routinely travel from all over Florida and the southeast simply to purchase a BMW from a trusted dealer. But if you’re still uncertain, consider some of the following.

1. 30 Years of Automotive Excellence – Braman BMW strives to provide amazing service to customers, and they have for over three decades. They keep their standards high, making sure people are always happy and comfortable as they discuss vehicles. For Braman, it’s not about selling, but about making connections and lasting customers who thoroughly enjoy everything that Braman has to offer.

2. Club Braman – If you haven’t yet heard of Club Braman, this is the perfect time to learn. When you choose a BMW from Braman, you gain access to this exclusive club. It’s a unique experience that allows you to be a part of everything from driving your car on a racetrack to attending polo matches, fashion shows, and vehicle launch parties. It has something for everyone and is available solely to Braman BMW customers.

3. PermaPlate Protection – Here in Florida, the sun is strong. Braman’s attention to detail means adding a high quality polymer to your vehicle’s gorgeous finish. PermaPlate ensures that bold color and beautiful luster stand up to the UV rays – and win.

4. LoJack Theft Recovery – LoJack helps to recover your vehicle should it ever be stolen. When you ask about Braman lease specials, you can also ask about LoJack and other anti-theft features. LoJack gives you a 90% chance of getting your BMW back – often within 24 hours, if not sooner. Even better? It’s complimentary.

5. NitroFill Tires – Regular tires are filled with regular air. But these are luxury vehicles – and they are treated as such. Braman removes the air and replaces it with NitroFill, a nitrogen gas that can improve tire lifespan, which saves you money on air refills and tires.

Contact Braman BMW to find out more, or check out the website for additional details on all they have to offer.

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