6 Benefits of the BMW Fleet Program

September 08, 2016

BMW Lease Speecials | Braman BMW

Fleet cars are an important asset of a lot of companies. Businesses need vehicles to get employees from place to place, and it all needs to be done in comfort and and with utmost attention to quality. From daily commutes to critical business trips, there are dozens of reason to look into the BMW Fleet Program. Here are just a few BMW incentives to consider.

BMW Ultimate Service provides you with maintenance for the first 4 years/50,000 miles. This gives you the chance to really utilize your vehicles without the worry of spending additional funds on keeping them in top shape. That’s all taken care of for you. And should you ever find yourself without your fleet car as it stays behind for maintenance, you receive a complimentary use of a BMW. Take yours in for scheduled service, and you can still drive away in your favorite brand.

Roadside Assistance is an important part of any travel plans. When you join in the fleet program and utilize BMW lease specials, you can receive this benefit for the first 4 years. Even better? There is no mileage cap on Roadside Assistance.

The BMW Assist Safety Program and optional Convenience Program are also readily available to you and your company as you drive to and from business meetings and events. Likewise, you’ll also have a dedicated contact at BMW of North America so you’re always in touch with your company rep when you need them.

Still, the BMW incentives continue on, well into providing BMW Performance Driving School courses for those interested. And at very attractive rates, everyone can have the chance to enjoy a BMW at its full potential.

Visit the Braman BMW dealership and ask about fleet programs. We can provide you with the knowledge you’re looking for, as well as show you the models that work best for your particular business. From BMW lease specials and more, Braman has you covered in every way.

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