Highlighting the 740i

June 21, 2023
2023 BMW 740i series

Bolstering the already illustrious ranks of the 7-series, the new BMW 740i puts race-worthy tech into an exceptionally classy body. As the preferred BMW dealer in West Palm Beach, we’re here with a rundown of the BMW 740i specs, and we’re sure it will pique the interest of even the most discerning BMW fans. Sink deep into the ultra-lux interior, and let’s dive into Braman BMW’s 740i review.

The 2023 BMW 740i Specs: Class, Power, and Luxury

Starting at just under 100 grand, the 740i’s 3.0 L inline 6-cylinder brandishes 375 HP and nearly 400 pounds of torque, reaching 0–60 just shy of 5 seconds. The drivetrain is a 48V mild hybrid, which is telegraphing BMW’s commitment to a market that is undeniably shifting further to an electric future.

Numerous driver-assisted technologies come standard, and the handling is noticeably improved over the previous year’s model due to several fundamental changes:

  • An all-new rear-wheel steering system
  • Adaptive dampers built into the chassis
  • Air suspension is now standard

We knew we weren’t waxing poetic when we said it felt like floating on air…

The thrill further extends to the passengers with its veritable limousine-grade interior, 31.3-inch rear entertainment display, and generous interior space. If even that’s not enough, the Executive Lounge package must be seen to be believed.

You can thank BMW’s 7 series fanbase and chairman himself for this fuller embrace of luxury — he recently remarked to Forbes that, due to popular demand, BMW decidedly put a higher premium on greater passenger comfort this time around. Of course, racing purists still have the ultra-utilitarian grit of the 2023 M3 to sink their teeth into (complete with ascetic-level carbon-fiber bucket seat options).

True to form, there’s something to suit everyone’s need for speed and luxury alike this year, and on both fronts, BMW’s 760i makes the 740i seem nearly modest by comparison.

Our Final BMW 740i Review

In a word: smooth. Both in terms of its fine-tuned handling and calmly understated presence, the new 740i quietly screams boss-level command of the streets. You can read the full BMW 740i specs straight from the manufacturer or feel it in your bones with a test drive at our West Palm Beach dealership.

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions about our constantly updated line of the hottest new BMWs — only at Braman BMW West Palm Beach.

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