Building a BMW: the 7 Series

August 10, 2022
building a bmw 7 series

The production of the upcoming BMW G60 7 Series and the i7 has started in earnest at the Dingolfing factory. The new BMW is said to be the most complex so far, thanks to the flexible CLAR architecture. Building a BMW of this kind does not come cheap, as the Bavarians have spent over 300 million euros to prepare the plant for this sleek vehicle’s expected trims.

A Renovated Plant

BMW uses the same production line for the BMW 7 Series as the 8 Series, 5 Series, and iX. However, it expects about half of the new models that will be produced at the factory to be electric. Besides, the automaker is piloting automatic maneuvers at the BMW factory to optimize logistics and assembly processes. The BMW will drive automatically throughout the assembly route to the finish and dispatch area.


New Technologies to Speed Up Production

The automaker will also produce the BMW 7 Series with several automated procedures, including replacing manual ones, such as door fitting. There will also be fewer material combinations and a more efficient bonding process. The automaker has also established a special paintwork process that will result in an exclusive two-tone painted body.

Besides, BMW is creating e-drive components for the new model, such as the high-voltage battery and the integrated electric drive, in the same locality. These items will be made together with those of the iX3, i4, and iX at the Competence Center for e-Drive production. This EV parts BMW factory can produce at least 500,000 e-drives each year.

Building a BMW i7 involves four processes. It starts at the stamping plant, where metal sheets are pressed and molded. Then, the vehicle goes to the body shop for a precise finish before getting painted at the paint shop. The painted shell is fitted with engine and cabin parts before being tested and dispatched to the customer.

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