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bmw manufacturing plans to cut emissions

BMW Plans To Cut Manufacturing Emissions by 40%

In the future, car manufacturing companies will have to be environmentally conscious about emissions. BMW is leading the way by aiming to cut its manufacturing emissions by 40%. The company plans to achieve this goal through various changes at its Spartanburg, South Carolina, manufacturing plant. These changes will include an entirely electric paint shop and increasing its use of renewable energy on-site. It’s also planning to invest in an environmental innovation center that will help the company monitor its sustainability efforts and support those efforts with other companies across the industry.

An Overview of BMW’s Plan

As part of its goal to be a sustainable company, BMW plans to reduce manufacturing emissions by 40%. The company has already begun implementing energy-saving measures in its factories, such as using LED lighting and recycled materials. BMW is also working on developing more electric vehicles that produce zero emissions. With these initiatives, BMW hopes to set an example for other companies and help combat climate change.

Why Is This Important?

This is important because it shows that BMW is committed to reducing its environmental impact. Additionally, this will help BMW save money in the long run as manufacturing costs continue to rise. This initiative also sets a precedent for other companies, showing them that it is possible to reduce emissions while maintaining a high production level. Finally, this news provides hope that we can slow down climate change if more companies adopt similar policies.

How Will They Do It?

By 2025, BMW plans to have cut its manufacturing emissions by 40%. That’s a pretty aggressive goal, but it’s one that the company is confident it can achieve. So how will they do it? It starts with identifying where carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are emitted and finding ways to eliminate them. The next step is applying those solutions to production processes and finding new ways of producing parts that don’t emit as much CO2 in the first place. It won’t be easy, but if anyone can do it, it’s BMW!

What Does This Mean for Consumers?

As BMW plans to cut manufacturing emissions by 40%, this could mean good news for consumers. Not only will this help the environment, but it could also lead to lower prices on BMW vehicles. Furthermore, if the company can reduce emissions successfully, it will set a precedent for other automakers to follow suit.


By 2025, BMW plans to run its global manufacturing operations entirely on renewable energy. This is a huge undertaking, but it’s one that BMW is confident it can achieve. Switching to renewable energy will help the environment and save the company money in the long run. This is an intelligent move by BMW, and we can’t wait to see how they achieve this ambitious goal. At Braman BMW West Palm Beach, we are excited about these changes! We’re proud to be an environmentally conscious dealership and hope you’ll stop by for your next car purchase. We have many inventory and financing options available, so give us a call today!

bmw nextgen factory

BMW NEXTGen Concept: Unveiling at CES

If you’re in the market for a luxury car, you’ll want to stay tuned for what BMW has in store. The company is set to unveil its next generation of vehicles at CES 2023, and from the looks of things, the concept car they are planning on featuring is going to be pretty impressive. With new features and innovative designs, BMW is sure to have something that will appeal to everyone. So keep an eye out for updates – we’ll be bringing them to you as soon as they’re available.

1. What is BMW NextGen and what are its features?

For example, the most notable feature of the BMW NextGen M concept car is its unique design. The car has a long, sleek body that is reminiscent of a sports car, but it also has some futuristic elements that make it stand out from the crowd. For instance, the windshield is made entirely of glass, and the rear window is curved to provide better visibility for passengers. In addition, the car is equipped with several cutting-edge technologies, including self-parking, night vision, and adaptive cruise control.

2. How will it change the way we interact with our cars?

This BMW NEXTGen is a new concept car that features a unique user interface that allows drivers to interact with their cars in an entirely new way. The BMW NEXTGen features a large display that shows information about the car’s current status, as well as a variety of other functions that can be controlled by the driver. The BMW NEXTGen could also feature several sensors that allow it to detect and respond to the driver’s environment, making it possible for the car to automatically adjust its speed and position on the road. The BMW NEXTGen is expected to revolutionize the way we interact with our cars, and it will provide drivers with a much more intuitive and responsive driving experience.

3. When can we expect to see it in dealerships and showrooms around the world?

This BMW NEXTGen Concept is an all-new electric vehicle that BMW is set to release shortly. And while we don’t have an exact date yet, BMW has said that we can expect to see it in dealerships and showrooms around the world sometime in the next few years. This BMW NEXTGen is a highly anticipated electric car because it promises to be one of the most advanced and luxurious EVs on the market. It is rumored to have a range of up to 435 miles on a single charge, and it may be able to reach speeds of up to 155 mph. This BMW concept may also come with a variety of high-tech features, including BMW’s iDrive infotainment system and wireless charging. If you’re interested in owning BMW’s first all-electric vehicle, keep an eye out for BMW NEXTGen concept.

4. What are some of the most exciting things about this new car model from BMW AG?

BMW NEXTGen concept is coming from BMW AG that is said to be the most technologically advanced BMW car ever. It may be packed with features that include BMW ConnectedDrive, BMW iRemote App, BMW eDrive technology, and many more. This BMW concept would also be the first BMW car to be built on the new BMW Modular Longitudinal Toolkit platform. This platform allows for better handling and performance, as well as increased safety. With all of these exciting new features, BMW NEXTGen is sure to be a hit with car enthusiasts and technophiles alike.

5. How does this BMW NEXTGen compare to other futuristic models on the market today?

The BMW concept cars are some of the most technologically advanced vehicles soon to reach the market. They come with a variety of features that make them stand out from the competition, including an enhanced infotainment system, an improved iDrive interface, and a host of driver-assistance technologies. The NEXTGen concept could also feature a unique modular platform that allows for greater flexibility in terms of design and engineering. This means that BMW could easily adapt future NEXTGen cars to meet the changing needs of customers. As a result, NEXTGen concept cars are planning on offering drivers a unique combination of style, performance, and technology that is unmatched by any other car on the market today.


BMW NEXTGen is the future of car technology. It will be sleek, have an intuitive design, and its features will change the way we interact with our cars. You can expect to see it in dealerships and showrooms around the world soon. There are many exciting things about this new model from BMW AG, but some of the most impressive features include the augmented reality display, voice control, and gesture recognition. BMW NEXTGen concepts compare favorably to other concept models on display today. If you’re interested in learning more about groundbreaking new cars or need assistance finding a current new or pre-owned vehicle, Braman BMW: WPB would be happy to help.

bmw z4

New BMW Z4 Expectations

The Z4 arrived in 2002 and has since undergone many improved transformations. It was first available as a roadster, but in 2006, the coupe version was launched.
The released version had a larger body with a wider and longer wheelbase. That was back then. BMW has continuously improved the Z4, and its most recent release is unique and powerful. Here are some of its highlights.


The 2022 Z4 version comes with an eight-speed automatic transmission with both the Manual and the Sport modes. Inclusive of that are the standard paddle shifters that are mounted to the steering wheel. This is new, and for the first time, the new BMW Z4 does not include the standard manual transmission that bears a clutch pedal.


It is a sDrive30i model powered by the excellent turbocharged 2.0-liter 4-cylinder, providing plenty of torque and a horsepower of 255.


This model can accelerate up to 60 mph in just 5.1 seconds. The M40i model also comes with a 382-hp twin-turbocharged inline-six for more grunt. It is also super smooth and refined, thus making the new BMW Z4 a superfast sports car. It can accelerate from zero to about 60 mph in just 3.8 seconds.

Its Fuel Economy

With all its fantastic performance, the Z4 coupe is surprisingly fuel-efficient. As rated by EPA, its fuel economy is about 25 mpg city and 32 mpg along the highway.

Comfort, Cargo, and Interior

The Z4 also boasts of an interior that is of very high quality. Some of its unique features include;

•    Exceptional panel fitment
•    Luxe materials
•    Excellent control placement
•    Comfortable seats with sizable bolsters

With all the fantastic features expounded above, you should be excited to purchase the latest release. If you need more information on the new models of the new BMW Z4 click here. Contact us today for an efficient, affordable, and worthy transaction.

building a bmw 7 series

Building a BMW: the 7 Series

The production of the upcoming BMW G60 7 Series and the i7 has started in earnest at the Dingolfing factory. The new BMW is said to be the most complex so far, thanks to the flexible CLAR architecture. Building a BMW of this kind does not come cheap, as the Bavarians have spent over 300 million euros to prepare the plant for this sleek vehicle’s expected trims.

A Renovated Plant

BMW uses the same production line for the BMW 7 Series as the 8 Series, 5 Series, and iX. However, it expects about half of the new models that will be produced at the factory to be electric. Besides, the automaker is piloting automatic maneuvers at the BMW factory to optimize logistics and assembly processes. The BMW will drive automatically throughout the assembly route to the finish and dispatch area.


New Technologies to Speed Up Production

The automaker will also produce the BMW 7 Series with several automated procedures, including replacing manual ones, such as door fitting. There will also be fewer material combinations and a more efficient bonding process. The automaker has also established a special paintwork process that will result in an exclusive two-tone painted body.

Besides, BMW is creating e-drive components for the new model, such as the high-voltage battery and the integrated electric drive, in the same locality. These items will be made together with those of the iX3, i4, and iX at the Competence Center for e-Drive production. This EV parts BMW factory can produce at least 500,000 e-drives each year.

Building a BMW i7 involves four processes. It starts at the stamping plant, where metal sheets are pressed and molded. Then, the vehicle goes to the body shop for a precise finish before getting painted at the paint shop. The painted shell is fitted with engine and cabin parts before being tested and dispatched to the customer.

To learn more about the upcoming BMW 7 Series, contact Braman BMW at 1-561-609-0130 or drop a line at our site.

BMW hybrid M prototype

The V8 BMW Hybrid M Prototype

Despite making great racing cars, BMW has not had podium success on the circuit since 2000. The last time the Bavarian automaker had a top-level sports car winning was at the 1999 24-hour Le Mans, but they’ve returned with a car that will lead the charge: the hybrid MV8 prototype, and it is one magnificent machine. The BMW hybrid M prototype will mark 50 years of the M division, and while this BMW prototype name may seem a bit unimaginative, it reflects the best the car company has to offer.

Thoroughly camouflaged on the test track, the exterior of the BMW hybrid M prototype is something of a mystery, but the shape is reflective of a La Mans Daytona racer. It’s clear there are a few flashbacks from the past like the 1981 M1/C, but even with the camouflage, it’s not hard to see a massive front splitter. See-through fenders are also clearly visible, as is a wide kidney grille. The headlights are reminiscent of the iVision circular concept, with two slanted bars. All in all, the hybrid prototype is a great-looking car that is sure to turn heads.

The BMW hybrid M prototype will be powered by a BMW V8 engine and paired with an established spec hybrid system. The car will meet the LMDh regulations, as well. All the other details about the specs are listed on the FIA’s website.

Even though the BMW V8 has been hyped to be a powerful race car, the company is hoping that the hybrid will spur more innovations in the battery. They believe any improvements in the hybrid and battery will also push its traditional luxury cars to reshape the future of EVs.

This beauty should hit the circuit next year at the IMSA WeatherTech Sportscar Championship, and the company is working to decide whether it will enter this one in the 2024 Le Mans. Also participating with BMW with the maker of the hybrid M V8 are Bosch and Xtrac and William advanced Engineering. Either way, the M V8 will face stiff competition at IMSA events from other debuting prototypes like Cadillac, Porsche, and Acura as well as Lamborghini. But knowing BMW, it has always been a fierce competitor both on and off the track and it hates to lose.

The latest news from BMW is that it will soon initiate testing of the hybrid.

solid state batteries for cars

The First Solid-State Batteries for Cars: BMW Invests

The first solid-state batteries for cars are almost here! Colorado-based start-up Solid Power, which has seen backing from BMW, says it is starting initial production of a solid-state battery that will offer owners of electric vehicles more range and decreased charging times at a low cost. 

Solid-state batteries for cars have been shown to have an energy capacity that is at least twice that of the traditional lithium-ion battery. There are other benefits as well. They don’t require rare earth materials and don’t need the intensity of cooling current battery packs do. Unlike lithium-ion batteries, solid-state batteries do not have the flammable gel or liquid electrolyte combo. Studies have shown that solid-state batteries are not only fire-resistant but very efficient- and for the consumers who prefer EVs, this is a major advance that can save money in the long run. Solid Power has stated that its batteries will have a shelf life of nearly 400,000 miles- meaning that they will last longer than the car itself.

Benefits like these make it clear why BMW would want to invest. Unlike a lithium-ion battery, a solid-state battery can be used for many years in an electric vehicle. The one major downside to the use of solid-state batteries is the difficulty in production. The manufacture and mass production is quite complex and time-consuming. Multiple start-ups like Solid Power are currently trying to develop solid-state batteries for Ears. The ideal materials and chemicals necessary for excellent ionic conductivity in a solid-state battery still have not been discovered, so it may take years for BMW to see its first car with a solid-state battery. Other startups have seen funding from giants like Honda, Toyota, and Mitsubishi.

BMW put their faith in the right company, however, because Solid Power has one key advantage. Unlike its rivals with pricey factory set-ups, Solid Power batteries can be made utilizing processes and tools in existing factories tooled to crank out lithium-ion battery cells. The initial production line will manufacture a small number of batteries for internal testing at the outset. This will also help the company decipher the ideal design and work on the approach to manufacturing. If all goes well, solid-state batteries will be shipping so BMW can test them in their prototypes by the end of 2022. 

When the company reaches maximum capacity, it will have the ability to make 300 batteries each week, or 15,000  every year. Most of those, though, will go to their investors to learn more about how they work with EVs during prototype testing. Mass production, though, could begin in the next three years. Other major companies on board with Solid Power include Ford, Hyundai Motor Group, and Samsung.

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The future of the BMW M2

The Future of the BMW M2

After nearly a year of speculation, BMW has finally revealed the next generation M2 series. It is believed that the BMW 2 Series will be the ultimate luxury car for the company.  Images obtained from Mexico reveal that the BMW 2 series is the real deal, and that includes power, performance, and pomp. The reason why the BMW M2 is being unveiled in Mexico is because the Bavarian carmaker is planning to produce the luxury car at its San Luis Potosi plant.


So, what’s the big deal with the next generation M2? Well, the first thing is that the 2023 BMW M2 will be an even more exotic coupe, and much different from the current 2 series coupe. Although, aside from images obtained of the exterior, not much is known about the M2 series because the car has been heavily camouflaged with wrapping. It is exciting to spy the car in Mexico undergoing test runs. 

The 2023 M2 appears to be wider than the 2 series coupe and packs a lot more horsepower. The BMW M2 will come with the standard large wheels and quad exhaust pipes, plus several extra vents to cool the engine. Good news for those who love manual cars, there are rumors that BMW will continue to offer a manual transmission in the BMW M2.


While the true features of the exterior are hidden, the view of the interior isn’t. Images captured of the prototype in Germany reveal that M2 has a unique interior styling and top-notch hardware, especially when it comes to the infotainment system and screen. The rear seats will be the same as older model sporty BMWs, but seating may not be comfortable for the rear passengers. The cargo space appears to be small unless the rear seats can be inclined.


The size of the vehicle and other exterior features are not known but the BMW M2 appears to be significantly larger than the previous model. Under the hood, one will most likely see an S58 engine similar to the M3 and M4 series. It is expected that the newer M2 will have a 3.0-liter inline-six that will generate about 450hp. Rumors persist that the next generation M2 will be rear-wheel drive and may be available as a six-speed manual. And the iconic kidney grille will be present in all M2 series, but its shape and size remain speculative.

Final production of the future BMW M2 series will start at the Mexican plant by the end of 2022, and it is expected that the cars will be in dealerships in late summer 2023.


No word from BMW about the cost of the new BMW M2, but it will most likely be more expensive than the previous model, which had a starting price of $59,895. To learn more about the next generation M2, contact Braman Motor Cars at 1-561-609-0130.

BMW becomes first kentucky derby sponsor in luxury auto

BMW Becomes the First Luxury Automotive Kentucky Derby Sponsor

The 2022 Kentucky Derby enjoyed its first-ever partnership with the luxury carmaker BMW North America, becoming the first luxury automotive Kentucky Derby sponsor. Known for its celebrated annual race in Louisville, the Kentucky Derby is the perfect place to market luxury cars as the vast majority of visitors to the Derby are wealthy Americans.

The Kentucky Derby takes place at Churchill Downs racetrack each year on the first Saturday in May and is attended by thousands of well-to-do people from all over the U.S., as well as from around the world. This partnership with BMW is going to significantly enhance the onsite experience of horse racing by showcasing the latest BMWs, including its first fully electric i7 limousine before they become available at dealerships.


The Kentucky Derby is a spectacular and luxurious event that shares many of the same values as the luxury carmaker, including top-notch hospitality, unforgettable experience, fun, and excitement. This is America’s finest horse racing event, and it gave the Kentucky Derby sponsor the opportunity to showcase its BMW x7 as well as the rest of its stunning new lineup in front of a global audience.

In addition, this partnership with the first luxury automotive sponsor also included the presence of BMW at the Taste of Derby culinary event. In addition, BMW had an interactive product display located at the main entrance of the Churchill Downs racetrack.


Celebrities and VIP guests who arrived at the Kentucky Derby entered the area lined with a BMW red carpet, which detailed some of the features of the latest BMW x7 sports activity vehicle. The entire area around the display was lined with thousands of lilies and roses. Guests experienced details about the luxury car during a walk around and also had an opportunity to obtain photos of the event.


To further enhance the brand, BMW, the Kentucky Derby sponsor, also presented the American Turf Stakes race with its logo on pony rider jackets, horse saddle towels, and signage placed at the winner’s circle. Prior to the race, an ad featuring the BMW i7 was shown on what has been described as the globe’s biggest 4K video screen.


This is an annual pre-Derby tradition where 1,200 invited guests have an interactive tasting session with some of the most celebrated chefs and entertainers from across the country while creating awareness and raising funds for hunger relief organizations.


During the opulent dining occasion, BMW will introduce its M850i Drive convertible and the BMW Macaron Bar. Guests will have an opportunity to join the BMW Macaron Bar to create their own macaron adventure by selecting filings, colors, and decorations for the ultimate dining experience.

For those who miss out, do not worry, the Kentucky Derby sponsor has promised to share photos of the Kentucky Derby experience on numerous social media platforms, including Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

For those thinking of visiting the Kentucky Derby next year, the costs can vary from $500 (budget-minded single person) to $12,000 for the big spender. Apparently, there actually isn’t a dress code, but a hat is recommended.

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new bm i7 photos

BMW i7 New Teaser

For some time, BMW has been teasing the luxury car world with its new i7 EV, and now just a few days ago at the 2022 Beijing auto show, it revealed the first totally BMW electric sedan with luxurious amenities. This is not only the most powerful version but an entirely new generation of the 7 series. Despite being a large sedan, the BMW i7 is very efficient, chiefly due to the use of lightweight materials for construction and an aerodynamic design.


The first and most obvious is the illuminated grille that covers most of the front end. The kidney grille much like in the XM is surrounded by fine crystal glass LEDs. Another set of LED lighting units can be seen just underneath. The body of the i7 appears sleek, elegant, and muscular but it is the interior that is captivating. The luxury seats offer heating, cooling, and massage functions. But the most obvious feature is the large theater screen, an ultrawide 31-inch screen for the rear passengers which is akin to a private cinema lounge in a car.

Other interior features include the iDrive infotainment and the BMW interaction bar, which is a novel type of light and function strip on the instrument panel and doors. The i7 will also come with a glass roof with a panoramic view, known as a “Sky Lounge,” with threaded LED lights. And, finally, the i7 will have access to My Modes features, which will permit access to the different driving modes.


BMW states that the i7 will feature a 120kWh battery that will offer a range between 360 to 379 miles on a single charge, which is not bad considering the size of the BMW electric sedan. In addition, the battery can be recharged at a DC rapid charging station at a rate of up to 195kW, and even just ten minutes of charging time will offer an 80-mile driving range. For first-time buyers of the i7 who keep the vehicle for three years, they will receive free charging sessions at Electrify America stations


And the i7 surely will not lack in power; it is rumored that the tri-motor setup will lead to the generation of at least 740 hp, which will allow the sedan to go from 0-60mph in just 4.7 seconds. The best part is that the i7 is free of emissions and offers a ride in total silence. Other optional features include driving assistance and BMW’s highway assistant. The i7 is perfectly capable of parking itself or reversing itself in a tight parking spot.


BMW has not yet revealed the trim steps of the i7 BMW electric sedan but there will most likely be multiple. That is it for the BMW i7 for now until the Bavarian manufacturer releases more data. The exact date for the release of the BMW i7 has not been set since China is facing all kinds of delays related to the Covid-19 pandemic.


If you have been waiting to purchase the first totally electric i7 BMW, the starting price will be $147, 000. The i7 is eligible for a federal tax credit. To learn more, visit Braman Motorcars in West Palm Beach and/or call them for more information at 1-561-609-0130.

bmw i4 new designs

Forthcoming BMW i40 Designs Pop in New Photos

Eye-popping new photos of the BMW i4 eDrive 40 are making us itch to get to drive this BMW.  Thanks to today’s innovative ideas in the world of EVs, doors have been opened for many other car manufacturers to make better electric vehicles. And no one has done a better job of making new EVs than BMW. The BMW i4 comes in two models, the i40 and the M50. The M50 is a car for the ages; while not as dramatic in appearance perhaps, it is a vehicle that delivers plenty of power. Here are a few things you should know about both models.

BMW i4 eDRIVE 40

The BMW i4 eDrive 40 is a four-door Gran Coupe that offers rear-wheel drive for greater flexibility and more responsiveness.  It also has a rear-mounted motor and comes with newer and faster-charging technology that can charge at up to 200kW. The car goes from 0-60 mph in 5.5 seconds, has a hp of 335, has a range of up to 301 miles, and within 10 minutes of fast charging can run up to 108 more miles.

The BMW i4 eDrive 40 standard color is a gorgeous mineral white and the i4 M50 has a color of frozen Portimao blue, but there are at least two dozen other exterior colors from which to choose. The M50 has its own select exterior features.  If you are looking for a fun, fast, and comfortable luxury hi-tech car, you will not go wrong with either the BMW i4 M50 or the BMW i4 eDrive 40.

BMW i4 M50

If you thought the Tesla Model S was a great EV, then the BMW i4 M50 is an electric monster. Even though this car arrived a decade later than the Tesla, the M50 has a gigantic 536hp and 586 lb-ft of torque. The power of the beast is at your fingertips immediately.  The M50 has the latest in interactive technology for BMW owners. Add the M division suspension and you have an all-wheel-drive, full-size sedan that optimizes power and, at the same time, has an envious grip of the terrain. The car averages 270 miles between charges and a fast charge can gain 70 percent energy back in just 30 minutes. With a 10-minute “fast charge,” the M50 can provide another 97 miles of range.  It can go from 0-60 in just 3.7 seconds.  It also has a “Sports Boost” button that will jet you like a rocket for a 10-second burst of power.

Even though the BMW i4 M50 has many lavish traits, the car is still practicable enough to fit the needs of a family. Like all BMWs, the i4 comes with plush upholstery and top-notch trim level. The vehicle is comfortable, spacious, and has ample space for luggage in the trunk. The luxury car is loaded with hi-tech features, like a top-notch Drive 8 infotainment system and a huge central floating display. By working loosely with your smartphone, you can customize the wizardry to your personal tastes. 

The 2022 BMW i4 eDrive 40 starts at $55,400; expect to add in another $20K if you want the upgrades before you get the car in your driveway.  The 2022 BMW i4 M50 starts at $65.900.  Neither price includes a destination fee.  Contact Braman Motorcars in West Palm Beach at 1-561-609-0130 to learn more today.