BMW 3 Series GT: Luxury Lounge Edition

April 02, 2015

Interior of the BMW 3 Series GT Luxury Loungue

Looking for a BMW you can’t find anywhere else? If that’s the case, a trip to Japan might be in order. As of late, Japan has had a few special edition BMW models come their way. In this case, it’s a new BMW 3 Series GT dubbed the Luxury Lounge Edition. So what do you get with this particular version of the BMW 3 Series?

The engine has been left alone, so you can expect the choice, the 4-cylinder, 2-liter turbocharged plant that provides you with 184 hp and 200 lb-ft of torque. You’ll also still have the automatic 8-speed transmission and the ability to get from 0-60 in around 7.2 seconds. But this is to be expected with nearly every specially made car. Because why change something that’s already superior?

No, the delights of the new BMW 3 Series GT Luxury Lounge Edition come in the form of the things you can see and sit back in and enjoy. Available in Alpine White or Imperial Blue, you can relax in the handcrafted Dakota leather, carefully tanned into a Veneto Beige. The interior trims are handmade with fine burr walnut wood, while the inlays gleam with Pearl Gloss Chrome.

But what BMW could be without some fine tech? In this edition, you can get the Navigation System Professional, indulge in heated seats, see a high-quality heads-up display, use Parking Assist, Driving Assistant Plus, and, of course, rock out to your favorite tunes with the hi-fi system.

However, only 140 of this new BMW 3 Series will be made and will only be available in Japan. So getting one may be, in a word, difficult. Still, you don’t have to have a special edition BMW to appreciate or enjoy all that the brand has to offer. Visit Braman’s West Palm Beach BMW dealership and test drive the BMW of your choice today.

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