BMW 428i Convertible: Pure Driving Pleasure

December 04, 2014

Admit it: whenever a convertible blows by on the highway, you stop and watch. That is just the power that the convertible has in America – it represents success, freedom, and attitude. With its sleek silhouette, people who see that convertible go by are transported for a moment into their own imaginations and dream of owning one of their own someday. With BMW’s Happier Holiday Event, someday could be today!

When you check out the BMW 428i Convertible, the first thing you will notice is its stunning appearance. Its coupe silhouette is sleek and muscular, but when its top drops (in 20 seconds), its attitude becomes even more pronounced. With luxury interior, including wind protection and neck warmers, and BMW’s iDrive touchpad for entertainment, all this car needs is a ready driver and let the good times begin.

But once you check out the 428i’s performance features, you will be hooked. With 240 horsepower, you have one powerful ride. But BMW’s purposeful attention to efficiency means that you will still get 34 miles to the gallon with all that power. The intelligent lightweight construction ensures you will get every ounce of performance from this vehicle. And of course its top and side cameras and Active Driving Assistant ensure a safe and comfortable ride.

Leasing a BMW convertible has never been easier, thanks to the Braman BMW West Palm Beach Happier Holiday Event. For your convenience, your vehicle can be test driven from your home or office location. If you choose to lease a convertible, you will also enjoy $0 maintenance in the first 4 years or 50,000 miles. With a perk like that, BMW West Palm Beach, Florida can make “someday” into “today!”

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