BMW 5 Series iDrive

March 07, 2015

Silver 2016 BMW 5 Series

If you haven’t yet met one of the BMW 5 Series, it’s a family worth looking into. This line of cars has always been fun to drive and luxurious to sink into, as what you should expect from BMW. And of course, BMW is always open to trying new things with their cars, discovering what might work with some and how to improve upon others. In this case, it has to do with the BMW 5 Series and the ever-popular iDrive system.

Recently, watchers of BMW have noticed an F11 5 Series Touring with the iDrive system. What’s more, whispers and ideas have emerged that suggest that the infotainment system won’t be operated just by the iDrive controller, but with a touchscreen. So far, much of this is hopeful and very interested speculation. While the idea of the iDrive being added to the current BMW 5 Series lineup is interesting and exciting, it isn’t something that’s likely to happen. We’re already too far into the year for BMW to decide to make such changes. It’s more likely that the car spotted – the F11 5 Series – was simply for a test run. It only makes sense that the next lineup that receives the iDrive system will be for the 2016s. The concept is that both the iDrive system and the touchscreen can be used to control all functions of the vehicle rather than different functions being operated through two separate interfaces.

Still, we’ll have to wait for any final words from BMW. Until then, there is still plenty to enjoy with current BMW models. A visit to the Braman BMW dealership West Palm Beach will quickly show you all the delights and technologies that the BMW 5 Series has to offer. Why not have fun in your own while the new BMWs are finalized?

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