BMW 5 Series

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  • 2024 BMW 5 series driving down a grassy highway at sunset.
    The 2024 BMW 5 Series stands at the pinnacle of luxury sedans. It embodies a perfect blend of performance, elegance, and cutting-edge technology. With its latest iteration, BMW continues to cater to its sophisticated audience, those who discern the value of luxury, high-performance vehicles, and innovation in their automotive choices. This blog post dives deep
  • A blue BMW 535i parked outside of a building.
    The BMW 535i and BMW 540i represent the pinnacle of luxury sedan engineering, embodying the prestigious essence of BMW—renowned for its luxury vehicles, motorcycles, and electric cars. Both models have captivated the hearts of affluent individuals who value luxury, performance, and cutting-edge technology. This blog post delves into the nuances distinguishing the BMW 535i from
  • what is the BMW 540i horsepower?
    When we think of luxury, performance, and cutting-edge technology in the automotive world, one name reigns supreme: BMW. For those discerning individuals who prioritize these qualities in their vehicles, the BMW 540i is a must-have. In this informative blog post, we’re about to dive deep into the core of this automotive marvel: the BMW 540i
  • 2021 BMW 5 Series release date anticipation of new BMW 5 series redesign
    There’s been a lot of noise in anticipation of the 2021 BMW 5 Series release date, including leaks that have given us a sneak peak at the BMW 5 Series redesign. Despite the leaked photos, BMW went ahead and put up a teaser of the upcoming model online. The teaser showcased the new LED signature
  • Electric BMW 5 Series | Next Generation BMW 5 Series | Braman BMW West Palm Beach, Florida
    Consumer demand is one of the most important factors to consider when creating new products for your customers. In the auto industry, vehicle designers need to look at what the public wants and is buying versus to steer their lines in the right direction. In high demand now are electric vehicles (EV’s). In the world
  • BMW 5 Series Carbon Edition | Braman BMW West Palm Beach, South Florida
    For more than four decades, the BMW 5 Series has set the bar for performance and style in the sedan class. But you’ve never seen it like this… get ready for the new Carbon Edition package and a host of M Performance elements that will elevate the driving experience even further. A Sleek, Edgy BMW
  • The new 2017 BMW 5 Series is looking at a bit of change coming with designer Daniel Mayerle at the helm. Nothing drastic, to be sure, but we can look forward to a refreshed look and redesigned cabin in order to suit customers better than ever. You’ll find the new 5s appearing on the market
  • Meet the 2017 BMW 530e iPerformance. It marks yet another step toward lower emissions, even happier customers, and a better future overall. The world is changing, and BMW knows it. What’s more, the iconic brand is more than prepared to be at the forefront of that evolution. This means more cars utilizing electricity and fewer
  • You can find the BMW 5 Series and more for sale and lease at the Braman BMW dealerships in South Florida
    Looking for a way to save a little on a BMW may seem like a hard thing to do, but in reality, when you know when and where to look, it’s quite easy. This is especially true when you talk to Braman BMW car dealerships. They constantly have excellent deals on their cars, as well
  • Braman BMW 528i Lease Special in West Palm Beach, Florida
    There are so many BMW 5 Series lease offers going on at the Braman BMW West Palm Beach location right now, it’s the perfect time to get in, get a beautiful BMW, and save some money in the process. Then you can drive home and luxuriate in the sensation of having a brand new BMW