BMW 7 Series for Sale- Wins the Title for 2016 World Luxury Car

May 17, 2016

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The word “satisfying” can be defined in different ways by different people. But for many, it’s the simple act of driving a BMW. From the power under the hood to the way it handles to the gleam on the bold exterior, there’s certainly something to be said for enjoying such a magnificent piece of engineering. And it’s certainly been noticed throughout history. But the next time you see a BMW 7 Series for sale, keep this in mind – it’s just won the title for 2016 World Luxury Car.

Whether you head out to buy or ask about BMW leasing, keep an eye on the 7 Series because it’s not just one of the best out there, it is the best out there. Presented at the New York International Auto Show, the prestigious 2016 World Luxury Car Award went to the 7 Series, thanks to it design, driving experience, smart engineering, ultra-cutting edge technology, and more.

Indeed, when you check out a BMW 7 Series for sale, you can ask about the gesture control, wireless charging, display key, active kidney grille, laser lights, and other innovative features. Hand sewn leather, polished wood inlays, and a host of exquisite details come together to create a very special interior that is the very pinnacle of comfort and satisfaction. Take a look at all that the 7 Series has to offer, experience a test drive, and ask the representative any questions you may have in order to learn more about the car.

A great idea? Ask about BMW leasing. Currently there is just a single sedan in the 7 Series lineup, but you never know what BMW might add in the future. It may very well be that by the end of your lease term, a new car will be available, making the transition over to yet another stunning car a very singular and satisfying experience.

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