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September 26, 2017

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In the luxury auto world, BMW has long been a leader in raising the bar for efficiency and advancing technology to push “green” cars to new heights. At the same time, it has instilled its eco-conscious cars with all the refinement, performance capacity, and power that fans expect from the iconic brand. When you opt for an ActiveHybrid 5 Sedan, you get all the perks of owning a BMW sedan coupled with innovations that empower you to conserve vital resources (including your cash as you fill up at the pumps).


BMW Hybrid Technology At Its Best

The ActiveHybrid 5’s base model features a 3.0 L 6-cylinder inline engine. This is coupled with an electric drivetrain. During short distances, this hybrid design enables the vehicle to run via battery power. When you accelerate from a stop, the battery powers car and continues to do so until you reach about 15 mph or so. If you drive in city conditions often – or everyday, like many of us – this helps you save a tremendous amount of fuel.

When you reach a cruising speed, the gas engine takes over to maintain speed and to power the generator. This enables it to store electricity for later. When you need to accelerate – or you have the urge to open this sleek 5 up and see what it can do – the gas and electric systems work in concert to “provide sportscar performance without a sportscar thirst.”

You will increase efficiency even further thanks to the Hybrid Start Stop Function. This feature switches the combustion engine off automatically when you come to a full and complete stop (e.g. a red light, a traffic jam). When you’re ready to go, you simply engage the accelerator, and the engine restarts seamlessly. Worried that when the engine is off, your climate control and audio will be off as well? No need. Important functions are run by the durable battery during stops.

When you switch into ECO PRO Mode, each function runs with optimal efficiency. Your sedan provides helpful tips (e.g. “Tip: Accelerate Moderately) to help you conserve. Depending on your driving style, this can help you cut fuel consumption by an astonishing 20 percent.

Efficient technology – also including air vent control, aerodynamic design, and brake energy regeneration – helps this BMW sedan achieve 23 miles per gallon city and 30 miles per gallon highway. While this isn’t as high as vehicles like a Prius, consider the size. This is a sedan; it is far more spacious, roomy, and convenient for families and busy professionals than a compact or subcompact. It’s also a BMW.  You have the advantage of the best in engineering, technology, performance, power… you have the best of the best.


BMW Driveability

When you visit a BMW dealership in Florida to peruse the latest models, you expect to test drive vehicles that perform like sports cars and offer the comfort of true luxury. The ActiveHybrid 5 delivers. If you’re expecting subpar output given the hybrid system, you’re in for a treat: this BMW sedan churns out 335 horsepower 330 lb-ft of torque. This is punchy for any sedan; given that you’ll see great efficiency, this is remarkable.

The sturdy chassis provides a stable ride, ensuring every journey – whether to the grocery store or to a remote mountain cabin – is safe and comfortable. Safe, comfortable, and thrilling. Thanks to the 8-speed Steptronic transmission, gear changes are smooth and seamless. Want even more sport? An edge to your daily commute or an added thrill to your weekend excursions? Use the selector lever and switch into manual. More control, and let’s face it, more fun.

And if that’s not quite enough control, you can select your driving mode. With Driver Experience Control, you can opt for Comfort or Sport to tailor your handling to meet your specific needs.


The Total Package

It’s efficient. It’s powerful. It’s a performance machine. This BMW sedan is also incredibly beautiful – inside and out – and fully stocked with the BMW touches that elevate ordinary to extraordinary. You are constantly connected via BMW’s advanced onboard technology. Highlights include:

  • Comfort Access. This allows you to open your doors, start your engine, and open your tailgate without using your car key. A great help when your trying to find your keys in a crowded bag/purse or when you have your arms loaded with groceries or gear.
  • Rear-seat entertainment Professional. Your rear passengers will enjoy two 9.2 inch tilt-adjustable screens and DVD drive, connections for MP3 players, game consoles and headphones, and remote control operation. And with a mobile contract, they can access wireless on the go.
  • Concierge Services. Your ActiveHybrid 5 will become your personal butler with BMW ConnectedDrive Concierge Services, accessible via your dash screen.
  • Remote Services. You can use your smartphone to locate your car and lock and unlock it.
  • Online Entertainment. You’ll have access to over 12 million music tracks to create the perfect soundtrack for any adventure.
  • ConnectedDrive Services. Stay connected – you’ll have real-time information, entertainment, and service features while you’re out and about.
  • Driver Assist. Take advantage of a complete suite of features that help you drive  – and park – more easily. Traffic jam assistant, BMW Head Up Display, iDrive Touch Controller, camera systems, Park Assistant, BMW Selective Beam, and Active Protection maximize safety and convenience.

If you do not want to sacrifice performance and luxury for efficiency, visit a BMW dealership in Florida to learn more about the ActiveHybrid 6. This BMW sedan will meet – and exceed – your highest expectations.

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