The History of Alpina and BMW

March 15, 2021
BMW Alpina Engine

This is such a great story.  The Alpina history makes fascinating reading.  It’s a story of innovation, ingenuity, dedication, collaboration, and pure love for automobiles.  It’s a story of men and machines coming together to build a better automobile.


You’re never going to believe this.  Alpina was originally a group that produced typewriters!  Yes, typewriters!  How did they go from manufacturing typewriters to partnering with one of the most iconic car manufacturers of all time?  Read on.

Burkard Bovensiepen, who founded Alpina in 1965, developed a dual carburetor for the BMW 1500.  The carburetor was certified and carried a full factory guarantee on the automobiles.  BMW and Alpina have been partners for a long time with Burkard tuning BMW’s out the back door of his typewriter factory.

Today, Alpina, while being a completely independent company from BMW, is permanently partnered with them.  The German Ministry of Transport has actually officially recognized Alpina as a car manufacturer!  This is unheard of and unlike any other company that works as an automobile tuning specialist.


The engines are manufactured by hand in Buchloe, Germany, at the Alpina facility.  All Alpina vehicles are built and branded as Alpina.  Once built, the Alpina engine is then delivered to the BMW plant where the engine and the body are paired together.  After that, the car is shipped back to Buchloe where the interior will be upgraded with Alpina’s leathers, the transmission will be optimized, and the Switch-Tronic shifter button, designed by Alpina, will be added as well.


Known for luxury, performance, and higher torque, the Alpina line also includes a unique style, with distinct colors available.  Other options are available that are not typical to other BMW vehicles, such as badging.


Models currently available include the Alpina XD3 and XD4.  Sedans include multiple variations of the B4, B5, and B6.  The essence of the BMW and Alpina collaboration culminates in the Alpina B7.

Take a look for yourself today at what the alliance between BMW and Alpina has cultivated.  You will be amazed.

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