Does BMW Have an Electric SUV?

February 10, 2020
BMW electric SUV iX3 | BMW iX3 Electric | Braman BMW West Palm Beach, South Florida

It’s now possible to say that, yes, indeed BMW does have an electric SUV. The BMW electric SUV, the iX3, is coming, and many people are quite excited about the possibilities with this vehicle. This brand new model will be produced in 2020, and it offers so much more than many people initially imagined.

BMW Electric SUV iX3 – Additional Battery Space

This is the first model with a 5th EV generation drive train. It has a long wheelbase, which is likely to give it additional space for the battery. That’s a bonus because it will have an sDrive 75 battery pack that offers 200 kW of power, which may translate to 200 miles of range in the real world. It will also likely come with 150 kW DC fast-charge capabilities, putting it at least on par, if not above many of the other vehicles on the market today.

BMW iX3 Electric Is As Beautiful As It Is Powerful

Most expect the BMW iX3 electric SUV to look quite a bit like the current X3, so it should scream BMW crossover at every opportunity. There are, however, a few elements that help it stand out from its gas-powered sibling. It should have lots of i Blue accents involved, including some on the grille and the rear apron of the vehicle. The grille is also likely to be revised so the vehicle is more aerodynamic. You may also notice additional i Blue accents inside the cabin, but it will certainly come with a dash-top touchscreen and the instrument panel design so many like. Readouts and gauges are likely to be more EV-Focused. There may be additional infotainment features, too, that mean a chance to focus on optimized efficiency with this vehicle.

There’s no word from BMW as to when the iX3 will hit the U.S. market, but it will likely be available in many showrooms during 2020. The price will likely be between $70,895 and $77,895, quite a bit above the standard X3.

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