BMW and Android Auto

March 10, 2020
BMW and Android Auto | BMW Android Auto Retrofit | Braman BMW West Palm Beach, Florida

Hands-free is the only way to be! Safe driving is the top priority, but we know it is also convenient to be able to use your smartphone’s functions while you’re on the go. This is the premise behind Android Auto. This system takes the features you need from your phone and puts them into your vehicle’s dashboard. The interface is familiar, easy to use, and, according to Google and AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, designed to minimize dangerous distractions. What do you need to know about BMW and Android Auto? 

Now: BMW Android Auto Retrofit

BMW has long been geared towards Apple and iPhone users. Those on Team Google have been largely left out, which is why you need to do a retrofit if you want to use Android Auto. One option is to go with a BMW-specific retrofit, such as BimmerTech’s Android Auto MMI Prime. This system integrates with your Bimmer’s iDrive system and allows you to use Android Auto just like the native infotainment system. You can also continue to use iDrive as you want, so it’s the best of both worlds.

Not all BMWs are compatible with an integrated update, so you may have to use the Android Auto app on your phone and connect via a USB. Your phone’s features can then be cast to iDrive.

Soon: Seamless Integration

Those who want seamless integration only have to wait until July 2020. Only two years ago, BMW said it was not interested in offering Android Auto. They’ve flipped their position, and it will be available as an update in vehicles that feature the BMW OS 7.0. It will be supported over wireless connection. You’ll be able to access key functions and apps (e.g. navigation, Spotify) in a digital, driver-configurable instrument cluster and heads-up display. 

BMW and Android Auto will be coming to West Palm Beach’s most trusted BMW dealer, Braman. Stop in and see us; our team is happy to answer any questions about the update and our exceptional selection of BMWs.  Contact Braman BMW West Palm Beach today.

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