BMW, Audi, and Mercedes Team up to Bring us Here

November 21, 2016

South Florida BMW Dealership | Braman BMW

When it comes to information, Google’s a pretty serious opponent to take on. Their name has become a verb that means “to look up information.” Just how can a car company develop a mapping service to challenge Google’s ubiquitous service? By teaming up with its competitors, that’s how.

If you visit a South Florida BMW dealership, you’d never expect to hear the names “Audi” and “Mercedes.” Each company believes its own designs to be vastly superior to the others. This isn’t really about the car designs themselves, though. This is about an agreement to develop a mapping service that all three will use.

The cars of all three automakers collect real-time sensor data. This allows each to better gather information and present to you a real-time sense of your surroundings. This kind of data is also key to features like BMW’s ConnectedDrive, which is capable of learning your habits and making suggestions for dining, hotels, and a variety of excursions whenever you find yourself someplace new and unfamiliar. It’s a great way of introducing you to things you’ll love in new places and making you feel more at home when you travel.

BMW, Audi, and Daimler together spent $3.1 billion on Nokia’s mapping service last year. This gives them the technology to quickly challenge competitors. If a BMW now notices something of interest, that information is automatically shared with Audi and Mercedes. This is the very first time these three makers have made such a deal.

It will also help that this data is specific to car makers, because the way it’s analyzed will be specific to driving. This will ensure the data has more dynamic and immediate use for drivers.

BMW lease specials can help you enjoy features like ConnectedDrive that take advantage of this kind of integrated driving experience. You can learn more about this new way of driving at your South Florida BMW dealership.

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