BMW ChargeNow Network for iSeries Vehicles

February 04, 2015

Escaping Gas Dependence

If we are ever going to truly change how we drive, we need to look for alternatives that allow us to escape dependence upon gasoline and strive for the utilization of other means. BMW innovation has been exploring a number of green technologies – including electricity – and is now able to give that option to more people than ever thanks to cooperation with ChargeNow.

Just as any car needs to stop and fill up on gasoline, a BMW iSeries vehicle needs to stop and recharge in order to continue on its journey with you. ChargeNow brings forth the ChargePoint – a place where you can stop, plug in your BMW iSeries, and then get back on the road once your car is fully charged once more. You use a ChargeNow card to provide payment, and that’s all there is to it!

Where Can You Recharge Your iSeries?

Naturally, you may be thinking, “If I go to Braman BMW today and buy an iSeries and decide to use ChargeNow, will it really make a difference? Are there even enough ChargePoints out there for me to use?” There are indeed! In fact, if you check out the ChargeNow map, you’ll see just how many ChargePoints there are in the USA. You’ll find many are concentrated around big cities where people do a lot of driving, but you’ll also discover that there are scattered numbers along main roads for you to use. But BMW makes it easy – you can use ConnectedDrive in your BMW or the BMW iRemote app to discover ChargePoints near you.

The network is growing. The future is here. As demand for smart, powerful electric cars grows, so too does the number of places that you can recharge your car. And when you choose to purchase a BMW iSeries vehicle, you are given 2 complimentary ChargeNow cards. So far drivers have saved over 6.5 million gallons of gasoline. Now isn’t that worth a serious look at a Braman BMW?

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