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Level 3 autonomous driving | 2021 BMW iNext steering wheel | Braman BMW West Palm Beach, Florida

About the 2021 BMW iNext Steering Wheel

Whenever BMW offers us a glimpse of their latest vehicle in development, we can’t help but get a thrill. The recent sneak peek of the 2021 BMW iNext steering wheel, however, had us scratching our heads and gave us far more questions than it did answers. What makes this steering wheel so different? Will the 2021 BMW iNext be able to handle level 3 autonomous driving?

The first thing to note when you look at the sneak peek that BMW gave us is the shape of the steering wheel. We’re all used to a traditional steering wheel being round. This steering wheel, however, definitely does not conform to the norm! Instead, it has a wheel that has a much more polygonal in shape. Shaped more like a hexagon, this steering wheel is supposedly designed to make it easier to see the gauge clusters on the dash. 

This is good because apparently there are a lot of screens to look at in this next BMW. The company claims that there is also another great reason why those chose to forego the classic round shape: to help the driver know what steering angle the vehicle is at if they choose to take over control.

Yes, this BMW is going to have level 3 autonomous driving as an option. It is, in fact, going to be the first BMW to do so. What does level 3 autonomous driving mean? There are 5 autonomous driving levels and level 3 means that this vehicle will be able to fully take over driving in specific conditions. For example, if you’re on a highway or interstate that has all traffic going one way with no expected railroad or vehicle crossings, the 2021 BMW iNext steering wheel has LEDs on the wheel which will light up and tell you that autonomous driving is an option. The innovative shape has certainly piqued our interest.

BMW Vision iNext | Electric SAV | Braman BMW of West Palm Beach, Florida

The Latest on the BMW Vision iNEXT

Despite the fact that the company has said the expected sales launch won’t hit the market until 2021, the buzz about the BMW Vision iNext hasn’t stopped since the idea was initially announced. In fact, the model that was first shown in public last year at the Los Angeles motor show has already begun testing in prototype form in Sweden, leading to additional demands for information from the company.

While the automaker hasn’t said a lot about this electric SAV, speculation is running high, particularly after the BMW-Daimler announcement that the two manufacturers would begin working together to develop autonomous driving software, ensuring it hits the market ahead of schedule.

The News On the BMW iNext

Much of the excitement surrounding this vehicle anticipation of how it will work with you as you drive thanks to the software inside. New videos published by BMW suggest the company is working to understand how people interact with their vehicles to better create a personal assistant feel with the software under the hood.

In fact, BMW has gone as far as to suggest that the car will be able to read your body language. Opening a window, then, would be as simple as pointing to the window you wanted open and giving a one-word command. The iNext may even be able to make reservations or purchase tickets to a show for you.

The News on the Software Powering the iNext

The announcement from BMW and Daimler was a bit surprising to some, but it’s a chance to cut costs and development time for both, which may mean the BMW Vision iNext is coming sooner than expected. Together, they’ll be developing both Level 3 and Level 4 autonomous systems, which could be as ready as soon as 2020.

The goal is to offer driver assistance systems as well as those that would automate highway driving and parking. This likely won’t be the end of the collaboration, though, as they may look to work together so higher levels of automation can be reached faster.

BMW Vision iNext | BMW iNext Concept | Braman BMW West Palm Beach, Florida

BMW Vision iNext Concept Debut

The end of the year is always jam packed with fun. So many things vie for our attention, and the most interesting seem to center around the future. The future always seems to promise better, and it’s with this in mind that the BMW Vision iNext concept debuted at the LA Auto Show. The BMW iNext concept is a brash and brave design.

Future Comfort

BMW’s goal here was to make an advanced luxury utility vehicle that places technology and future-proofing as its primary goals. Here’s a vehicle that aims to fold in the technology of the next 10 years. What does that mean for drivers? The BMW Vision iNext is all-electric. The interior is a sea change for luxury design across the entire market.

Comfort is prioritized in both feel and design, but it’s how well that comfort is blended together with technology that’s truly striking. For instance, want to turn the volume up? Draw a circle on the fabric of your seat, and adjust by movement. This seems unusual at first, but it quickly becomes so much more efficient and unconscious a motion than reaching for buttons or a dial.

Streamlined Control

The dashboard feels like you’re piloting the starship Enterprise. While other makers have striven to overwhelm with technology to the point where you can barely set your arm down without accidentally hitting a button, BMW’s long been looking to streamline how technology is accessed. The way to make technology easy and second-nature is to present it in simplified ways.

Perhaps most importantly, the BMW iNext concept is capable of autonomous driving. The steering wheel will recede as the vehicle drives itself. Turn up the music with a gesture and enjoy a “paper book,” where a rear projector transmits the pages of the book and the device flips pages with a simple swipe.

Re-Inventing Ease

The BMW Vision iNext is that it only features two driving modes: Boost to drive it yourself, and Ease for autonomous driving. This is a self-chauffeuring car, designed for luxurious ease. You’ll be able to get ample performance and pinpoint handling from it, but the focus is on how it folds technology into your life in an easy-to-grasp way.

These days, when technology sometimes feels overwhelming and controls our lives, it’s nice to turn to a vehicle like the BMW Vision iNext and see something that offers that level of control back. Ease shouldn’t be difficult to access or understand. The BMW iNext concept is a haven that remembers this.

BMW iPerformance | BMW 530e | Braman BMW West Palm Beach, Florida

How Does BMW iPerformance Work?

How exactly does BMW iPerformance work? This is the model designation given to all BMW plug-in hybrids. The BMW 530e is a stellar example of how the technology works efficiently to make your life easier.

Hybrid Power

BMW has built models like the 530e to be superior examples of hybrid performance. BMW iPerformance starts with a hybrid powertrain. In the 530e’s case, this means a 2.0-liter, inline-4 at 180 hp combined with a synchronous AC motor at 111 hp. The combined output is 248 hp at a powerful 310 lb-ft. of torque.

BMW gives you a range of different options depending on what your trip needs. You can drive on electric alone, for instance. The electric-only range is 28.5 miles. This is perfect for running local errands and some daily commutes. The idea is that for these types of drives, you should have the opportunity to do this with zero emissions.

The Full Powertrain

A longer trip means utilizing the full powertrain. Here, your range is vastly increased. You get the BMW performance that you know and love, increasing the top speed from 87 mph to 146 mph. You can also use the internal combustion engine alone as the battery recharges.

BMW eDrive allows you to manage these different settings with the press of a button. BMW iPerformance means you can let the car do the thinking about the battery if you want. For instance, Auto eDrive means the car will decide when to use each engine. Max eDrive only uses the electric engine, unless you require more power. Finally, Battery Control means the BMW 530e will switch to the combustion engine when the battery dips below a pre-set level. It’s easy to understand and manage.


These settings are separate from driving modes like Sport, Comfort, Eco Pro, and Adaptive. These kinds of experience settings adjust how the acceleration is mapped, the suspension is handled, and how the car steers. BMW eDrive deals strictly with the relationship between engines in the hybrid powertrain.

In all, iPerformance cars like the BMW 530e make handling a hybrid easy to understand and manage. Combine this with the impressive technology line-up inside the car and you’ve got a car that saves you on stress, fuel costs, and that saves the planet while it’s at it.

Will Holograms be the New Touchscreens?

BMW i-series | Braman BMW

BMW isn’t afraid to experiment. When it comes to BMW technology, you never know what might spring up in their next vehicle. The leading brand often works closely with various tech-savvy companies in order to consider different ways to make their cars better, more intuitive, and cutting edge for customers each and every year. But with touchscreens and voice commands already so prevalent, what could BMW seek out next to integrate into their cars?

As it turns out, holograms may be the next “big thing” in BMW technology.  They’re calling it HoloActive Touch. It’s a visual interface for cars that allows you to use hand gestures and motions to perform various actions inside the c0ar.

So, let’s say they add hologram tech to a car in the BMW i-series. The system projects holographic control surfaces straight up from the center console, which the driver then interacts with. Since the driver won’t actually be touching anything physical, strategically placed cameras will track the hand motions in order to get things done. When a function gets activated, the system “pulses” as an indicator.

Thus far, there’s been no promises to add HoloActive Touch to the BMW i-series – or any series, for that matter. It’s an idea that BMW is toying with for now – although they do seem quite interested in showing it off at CES 2017. After all, the marque does have AirTouch currently in the BMW 7 and 5 series.

At the same time, BMW isn’t one to make idle promises. When they get into their tech, they go all out and look for ways to make it work seamlessly. Innovation is the key, and BMW is certainly at the forefront. Still, the world will have to wait until CES 2017 to see if BMW has really brought an element of science fiction to life.

Stepping Up Electric BMW Options

BMW i3 | Braman BMW

BMW has positioned itself at the beginning of an exciting revolution. With the tremendous success of cars like the BMW i8, the era of electric BMW is right around the corner.

Don’t worry, BMW will still be making gas-powered performance cars. Yet the i8 proved that they can make a futuristic performance electric BMW that stays on pace and holds the road just as well as its gas-powered cousins.

That opens up a lot of possibilities, one of which is an electric take on the MINI (the MINI marque is owned by BMW). The BMW i3 platform might become the base for this model. It’ll take some engineering. Luckily, that’s what BMW is best at.

Already, the German maker has announced that battery capacity on the BMW i3 will be increased by 50 percent. This will give the i3 a range of up to 114 miles on a full charge. Adventure, unlimited.

If they continue with the plan to use the BMW i3, they’ll have to retool the body considerably. The platform would have to fit a larger battery and factories would have to be upgraded in order to make the switch to an all electric BMW. The i3 can already be used as an all-electric, yet its abilities and engineering could lead to a dynamic and fun MINI.

The i3 is already a wildly successful, sporty electric BMW. Its low center of gravity also makes it an optimal platform for this kind of MINI conversion; it handles with that BMW response and precision and can deliver a truly performance-oriented driving experience in a MINI.

No decision has come down from BMW yet, but cars like the BMW i3 offer an exciting glimpse into the future of performance-driven electric cars.

BMW i Model Tops BMW’s Low Emission List

BMW i | Braman BMW WPB

For today’s savvy drivers, fuel economy is only the beginning. Eco-conscious drivers want to ensure that they reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible. BMW strives to create vehicles that lead the way in terms of efficiency, and several models have carbon emissions below 100 grams per kilometer. Here are our top five.  Braman’s BMW lease specials make them as budget-friendly as they are environmentally-friendly.

BMW 216d Active Tourer

The Active Tourer combines a smooth ride with dynamic ability. This bold, multi-use BMW fits active lifestyles in a wide range of environments. It puts a priority on interior space, combining some of BMW’s best use of interior room with a classic, responsive driving feel.

BMW 116d Efficient Dynamics Plus

There are a few models in the BMW 1-series that boast great fuel efficiency, but it’s the Efficient Dynamics Plus spec for the 116d that feels particularly good. With a new line of modular engines being utilized, you get great torque combined with a hushed ride and complete control when revving. For a hatchback, it’s drag coefficient is impressive (only 0.29), meaning it denies any lift in the front and thus hugs the ground beautifully. The goal is to deliver a hatchback that still maintains a sporty, low-to-the-ground responsiveness to the driver. Mission accomplished.

BMW 118d

The second generation of the 1-series continues here. The goal with the 188d was to keep its front engine/rear-wheel-drive set-up very near a 50:50 weight balance. Combined with a low center of gravity, this car delivers a gutsy, exhilarating experience.

BMW 220d

The 220d is a coupe that focuses on firm, agile driving feel and a communicative response all the way through. It feels and looks bright and engaging and stands out on any street or in any environment. It’s a statement car that gives you fine balance and a brisk ride.

BMW i8

The BMW i-series is revolutionary. It’s innovation packed into a sleek sports car. It bites the road like you wouldn’t believe and is one of our greatest achievements in directing airflow around its chassis for greater efficiency. You’ll forget it’s a hybrid. The exterior is striking and its range of options includes headlights that anticipate turns, night vision, a heads-up-display that allows you to keep your eyes on the road, and of course 360-degree cameras to help you in tight spots such as parallel parking.
Check out our BMW lease specials, especially on the BMW i series, for these and other fuel-efficient cars. Saving money at the pump, and reducing carbon emissions, is a journey worth taking.

BMW i8 Luxury Car | Braman BMW WPB

New BMW i8 and i3 Electric Cars For Sale in West Palm Beach, Florida

Everyone stares at the cars of the future that Hollywood movies present. They’re always so sleek. So cool. So amazingly futuristic, we wonder why we can’t have cars like that right now. What do those cars of the future run on? Solar power? Cold fusion? Pure electricity?

Guess what? Those cars of the future are here.

BMW i8 Luxury Car | Braman BMW WPB

Braman BMW is excited to see the new BMW i8 and i3 appear and they’re ready to start selling them to equally excited customers. BMW dealers have been waiting for this moment for years. The i8 features a powerful electric battery that uses recharging stations to fill up on electric power, but in case you’re worried about not being around a charging station, or simply drive enough to require a little something extra, it also comes with a small gas-powered engine to keep you going those additional miles. The i3 is purely electric, utilizing a powerful lithium ion battery to propel the car down the road with the ride and feel of any other car. Nothing is sacrificed in order to create the new BMW i8 or i3 – both cars are made in Leipzig, Germany with the greatest of care and attention.

BMW dealers will be thrilled to show these cars off, Braman included. The i8 is a thrilling sports car with an extraordinarily sexy look, while the i3 is pleased to appeal to a wide audience in its functionality, while still maintaining a classy, futuristic style in order to boast its electric power over other gas guzzlers.

You need to come down to Braman BMW in order to discover the brand new BMW i8 and i3 for yourself. Take a few test drives to see which one you like better. Ask staff about the differences, interior, exterior, and engineering designs to fully understand each one and decide which car you should take home with you today.

BMW ChargeNow Network for iSeries Vehicles

Escaping Gas Dependence

If we are ever going to truly change how we drive, we need to look for alternatives that allow us to escape dependence upon gasoline and strive for the utilization of other means. BMW innovation has been exploring a number of green technologies – including electricity – and is now able to give that option to more people than ever thanks to cooperation with ChargeNow.

Just as any car needs to stop and fill up on gasoline, a BMW iSeries vehicle needs to stop and recharge in order to continue on its journey with you. ChargeNow brings forth the ChargePoint – a place where you can stop, plug in your BMW iSeries, and then get back on the road once your car is fully charged once more. You use a ChargeNow card to provide payment, and that’s all there is to it!

Where Can You Recharge Your iSeries?

Naturally, you may be thinking, “If I go to Braman BMW today and buy an iSeries and decide to use ChargeNow, will it really make a difference? Are there even enough ChargePoints out there for me to use?” There are indeed! In fact, if you check out the ChargeNow map, you’ll see just how many ChargePoints there are in the USA. You’ll find many are concentrated around big cities where people do a lot of driving, but you’ll also discover that there are scattered numbers along main roads for you to use. But BMW makes it easy – you can use ConnectedDrive in your BMW or the BMW iRemote app to discover ChargePoints near you.

The network is growing. The future is here. As demand for smart, powerful electric cars grows, so too does the number of places that you can recharge your car. And when you choose to purchase a BMW iSeries vehicle, you are given 2 complimentary ChargeNow cards. So far drivers have saved over 6.5 million gallons of gasoline. Now isn’t that worth a serious look at a Braman BMW?

BMW i8 Driving Experience

The Future of BMW

Taking part in the i8 driving experience is something special. Whether it’s a test drive or your first drive as a new i8 owner, you’ll feel nothing but excitement while the wheel is in your hands. Considering an i8 for your next car? A test drive is definitely in order.

The BMW i8 may very well be the future of BMW. Indeed, it even looks like a car from the future. Those driving it get goosebumps, feeling like this isn’t a BMW, but rather a rock-solid vehicle that has come from the future, from the forefront of technology – and in fact it has. The car’s frame itself is made from carbon fiber reinforced plastic, or CFRP. That makes it lighter than a typical car made of metal.

Driving the i8 is a smooth ride, powered by bmw i8 pure impluse interiora smart hybridization of an electric motor in front and a 3-cylinder turbocharged engine in back. This allows for maximum range in driving, letting you use gas when necessary, but electricity at all other times. Any BMW i8 review will show you that drivers of the car are impressed in many ways, both by the driving power of the car as well as its overall feel. It sounds strong as well, as though you’re driving a V8 despite just having a 3-cylinder providing added power.

In fact, as you drive don’t be surprised to see people staring at you as you go. Or when you’re finally parked, people asking about the i8 and even wanting to snap a few photos of it. The interior is spacious with a kind of futuristic environment, complete with LCD display and a bit of glowing piping throughout.

Have more questions or want to test drive an i8 for yourself? Contact Braman BMW to see for yourself and find out what makes the i8 driving experience something to remember.