BMW X Series SUV

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  • 2022 BMW X5 Black
    There has been a lot of talk about the 2022 BMW X5 over the past 12 months and, finally, we get to see this luxury SUV with all its delicate features and phenomenal power. The BMW X5 follows the same tradition as other older BMW models offering speed, power, state-of-the-art technology, and impressive power.  The
  • BMW electric SUV iX3 | BMW iX3 Electric | Braman BMW West Palm Beach, South Florida
    It’s now possible to say that, yes, indeed BMW does have an electric SUV. The BMW electric SUV, the iX3, is coming, and many people are quite excited about the possibilities with this vehicle. This brand new model will be produced in 2020, and it offers so much more than many people initially imagined. BMW
  • 2019 BMW X7 | Big SUV | Braman BMW West Palm Beach, Florida
    There are SUVs and SAVs that combine car-like handling with a bit more room for passengers and cargo alike. And then there’s the 2019 BMW X7. The latest in BMW’s already impressive line of sports utility vehicles, the X7 is the biggest and, some argue, the most luxurious. For a brand built on luxury, that
  • BMW X3 Hybrid | Braman BMW West Palm Beach, Florida
    In the United States, nearly 400,000 hybrid vehicles are sold each year. It’s a market that only continues to grow, and the demand for a better hybrid BMW grows with it. In 2020, though, many more customers may be satisfied thanks to the Hybrid X3. Meet the X3 xDrive 30e The BMW X3 is a
  • New BMW X4 | Coupe SUV | Braman BMW West Palm Beach, Florida
    The new BMW X4 M Competition is a resounding evolution that builds on the groundbreaking foundation of the established X4. The word “crossover” covers more and more territory every year, so how should we think of this newest BMW X4? Is it fair to call the M Competition a coupe SUV or should we look
  • 2020 BMW X1 Reviews | Braman BMW West Palm Beach, Florida
    2020 is a blink of the eye away… who’s excited to see what the makers of the Ultimate Driving Machine are up to? We know we are, so we’ve been scouring BMW X1 reviews and sneaking peeks at spy photos to bring you the latest news and speculations for this sleek, newly designed crossover. The
  • 2019 BMW X3 changes | Rear wheel drive vs. all wheel drive | Braman BMW West Palm Beach, Florida
    The BMW X3 has proved incredibly popular. There’s one question that’s often asked: will there ever be a rear wheel drive model? One of the 2019 BMW X3 changes is a rear wheel drive option: meet the BMW X3 sDrive30i. What’s the difference between rear wheel drive vs. all wheel drive? That’s a good question,
  • New BMW X7
    You’re in the market for an SUV. In fact, you’re looking specifically for a new BMW SUV for sale. There are plenty of sporty crossovers that are fun to drive and load up for a week’s vacation. But maybe you want something more traditional in an SUV – without giving up the ultimate in handling, style
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  • BMW X Series SUVs | Braman BMW West Palm Beach
    Bright shiny 2016 BMW SUV lease offers are hard to resist. Especially with the summer coming to a close and the desire to have one last fun fling before winds turn a little cooler. Though having one of the BMW X Series in your garage is the perfect reason to head back out onto the