BMW’s Alternative Energy Vehicle

October 16, 2014

BMW’s  i3 Electric Car – Good Use of Alternative Energy

In case you haven’t heard by now, BMW is looking ahead to be one of the main pioneers of alternative energy vehicles that people can enjoy on the road. Yet at the same time, they strive to maintain their traditional BMW style – and that means an alternative method that still provides the same power and handling that people have come to love about BMW. Enter the BMW i3, BMW’s newest and upcoming electric car.

bmw i3 alternative energy vehicle


The i3 actually comes in a few different variants, as BMW is all about providing options to customers. After all, where one people will need just a good car for city driving, someone else may need a vehicle with longer range. If they both want BMWs, then there need to be some choices available. If you want nothing but electric power all the way, then the BMW i3 BEV is what you want. You’ll never have to stop at an actual gas station, and BMW states that when fully charged, it has around a 77 mile range in the Comfort Drive setting. If you want to have gasoline in reserve for those times when the battery may not last your entire driving experience, then you can opt for the BMW i3 REx.

The i3 electric car has a unique look to it, compact yet spacious, a bit of that classic BMW muscled design, plenty of safety features, and, of course, an interior that will make both driver and passengers wholly comfortable. The cabin is high-tech, providing you with indicators on everything from battery life to the PSI of the tires. Tucked away inside the BMW i3 is a 170 hp electric motor and one speed transmission for a 0-60 mph boost at 7.0 seconds and a top speed of 93 mph. For the BMW i3 REx (Range Extender), the 1.9 gallon tank helps boost it up to a 120-185 mile range.

At the rate BMW is going with their innovations on the electric car front, now is certainly the time to start looking into the i3.

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