BMW i3 Super Bowl Ad

February 26, 2015

bryant gumbel and katie couric in BMW i8
The BMW i3 has been to the Super Bowl – sort of. This was BMW’s fun way of showing people across the country the beauty of the i3 and what it has to offer. Inviting in Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel to see the i3 for themselves, as well as take it for a spin and discover all it has to offer, is a unique way at seeing things change.

Many of us still remember when the Internet first came about. It was new technology. Surprising in its power and versatility with everything it could do and everything from which we could benefit through its use. Yet many of us didn’t fully grasp the possibilities. Fast forward to today where everyone has a smartphone with the information of the world at their fingertips.

The same can be said of the BMW i3. Its innovation and unique design make it something of a unique commodity. Electric cars are coming up stronger and faster than ever in a world seeking cleaner methods of energy consumption. The BMW Super Bowl commercial showcases the comparison of the two – how technology is so new and yet so promising. People, while they are aware of the electric car concept, are still a little uncertain. Change may start slow, but once it gets going, it can move at an astonishing pace. As Bryant Gumbel said, “The future is literally shifting under your feet, and you’re unaware of it.”

In fact, this was the first commercial both Katie and Bryant had done. It’s only 60 seconds long, but it says a great deal in that time frame. In fact, according to Michelle Krebs, an Autotrader analyst, shopping on the BMW i3 went up 433 percent after the BMW Super Bowl commercial. People who didn’t know about the i3 or what it could do certainly did after the commercial – or at the very least set out to educate themselves about it.

Discover more about the BMW i3 and how it can benefit you as well as the environment. It’s a newfangled idea that, like the internet, may just take the world by storm. You can always find more information and a helping hand at your local Florida BMW dealership and Braman Motorcars.

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