The BMW i7 is Already Winning Awards

June 06, 2023
BMW i7 Award 2023

With at least four BMW i7 awards (after as many months on the market), the 7-series’ crowning achievement brings a new meaning to inner beauty. Having single-handedly dominated the luxury, electric, and high-performance auto markets at once, it’s inspired numerous glowing BMW i7 reviews and welcome fanfare even well outside BMW’s loyal fanbase.

So what’s behind the i7’s rave reviews?

Quickly Gaining Ground: Four BMW i7 Awards and Counting

The first thing drivers will notice is the remarkable curved display, which provides the perfect parallax for representing the true field of depth, whether viewed straight on or in a quick side glance. The brilliant interior-trim lighting gives passengers a surreal sense of stepping into a movie, and an interactive display is within arms reach from every seat (which is almost seductively comfortable for even the most extended rides).

With 36 full-surround speakers, the i7’s interior design is a true audiovisual work of art. Its artful and unmistakably opulent effects almost immediately netted the BMW i7 multiple Wards Auto awards, including:

  • 10 Best Interior
  • 10 Best UX

The i7’s cutting-edge tech also earned it the coveted What Car? Technology Award, whose editors/judges went as far as saying they considered it “the best electric luxury car on sale.”

Top Gear Magazine shared the sentiment, granting it their Best Luxury EV award. To quote their chief editor, “[I]t was designed from the inside out […] the materials used are imaginative, the atmosphere unique.”

‘Nuff said — though perhaps one last point is in order: you almost won’t even believe the i7’s otherworldly charm until you experience it yourself.

Our Preliminary BMW i7 Review

While its exceptional flash and tech-fueled glamour have been the deciding factors in the BMW i7 awards sweep, there’s just as much raw performance to marvel at as well. A full BMW i7 review would be incomplete without also taking stock of its asphalt-grinding performance (0–60 in 4.7 seconds) and unrelenting power (544-HP, dual-electric motor). Not bad for a zero-emission luxury EV.

To call it an instant classic would be a bit at odds with its tech-first, ask-questions-later design ethos; we’ll settle for “pioneering trendsetter” and hope even that does it justice. To experience this newly crowned king of the high-performance luxury market yourself, visit Braman BMW — and contact us with any questions about the other award-winning options in our constantly revolving new inventory.

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