BMW i7 New Teaser

May 18, 2022
new bm i7 photos

For some time, BMW has been teasing the luxury car world with its new i7 EV, and now just a few days ago at the 2022 Beijing auto show, it revealed the first totally BMW electric sedan with luxurious amenities. This is not only the most powerful version but an entirely new generation of the 7 series. Despite being a large sedan, the BMW i7 is very efficient, chiefly due to the use of lightweight materials for construction and an aerodynamic design.


The first and most obvious is the illuminated grille that covers most of the front end. The kidney grille much like in the XM is surrounded by fine crystal glass LEDs. Another set of LED lighting units can be seen just underneath. The body of the i7 appears sleek, elegant, and muscular but it is the interior that is captivating. The luxury seats offer heating, cooling, and massage functions. But the most obvious feature is the large theater screen, an ultrawide 31-inch screen for the rear passengers which is akin to a private cinema lounge in a car.

Other interior features include the iDrive infotainment and the BMW interaction bar, which is a novel type of light and function strip on the instrument panel and doors. The i7 will also come with a glass roof with a panoramic view, known as a “Sky Lounge,” with threaded LED lights. And, finally, the i7 will have access to My Modes features, which will permit access to the different driving modes.


BMW states that the i7 will feature a 120kWh battery that will offer a range between 360 to 379 miles on a single charge, which is not bad considering the size of the BMW electric sedan. In addition, the battery can be recharged at a DC rapid charging station at a rate of up to 195kW, and even just ten minutes of charging time will offer an 80-mile driving range. For first-time buyers of the i7 who keep the vehicle for three years, they will receive free charging sessions at Electrify America stations


And the i7 surely will not lack in power; it is rumored that the tri-motor setup will lead to the generation of at least 740 hp, which will allow the sedan to go from 0-60mph in just 4.7 seconds. The best part is that the i7 is free of emissions and offers a ride in total silence. Other optional features include driving assistance and BMW’s highway assistant. The i7 is perfectly capable of parking itself or reversing itself in a tight parking spot.


BMW has not yet revealed the trim steps of the i7 BMW electric sedan but there will most likely be multiple. That is it for the BMW i7 for now until the Bavarian manufacturer releases more data. The exact date for the release of the BMW i7 has not been set since China is facing all kinds of delays related to the Covid-19 pandemic.


If you have been waiting to purchase the first totally electric i7 BMW, the starting price will be $147, 000. The i7 is eligible for a federal tax credit. To learn more, visit Braman Motorcars in West Palm Beach and/or call them for more information at 1-561-609-0130.

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