BMW i8 Driving Experience

January 11, 2015

The Future of BMW

Taking part in the i8 driving experience is something special. Whether it’s a test drive or your first drive as a new i8 owner, you’ll feel nothing but excitement while the wheel is in your hands. Considering an i8 for your next car? A test drive is definitely in order.

The BMW i8 may very well be the future of BMW. Indeed, it even looks like a car from the future. Those driving it get goosebumps, feeling like this isn’t a BMW, but rather a rock-solid vehicle that has come from the future, from the forefront of technology – and in fact it has. The car’s frame itself is made from carbon fiber reinforced plastic, or CFRP. That makes it lighter than a typical car made of metal.

Driving the i8 is a smooth ride, powered by bmw i8 pure impluse interiora smart hybridization of an electric motor in front and a 3-cylinder turbocharged engine in back. This allows for maximum range in driving, letting you use gas when necessary, but electricity at all other times. Any BMW i8 review will show you that drivers of the car are impressed in many ways, both by the driving power of the car as well as its overall feel. It sounds strong as well, as though you’re driving a V8 despite just having a 3-cylinder providing added power.

In fact, as you drive don’t be surprised to see people staring at you as you go. Or when you’re finally parked, people asking about the i8 and even wanting to snap a few photos of it. The interior is spacious with a kind of futuristic environment, complete with LCD display and a bit of glowing piping throughout.

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